PFF: Delay to other player getting you killed

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From the Barracks: "Why is this possible? How does it work? A few times now i have run a circle around a tank and the turret gun can be up to like 30 degrees behind me, and he fires and kills me. While its obvious I am way ahead of the turret gun in terms of circling around the tank."
AHWULF: Fact of life in an internet game. What you see and what they see are separated by time. With 1.34 the host contribution has been optimized, but there is nothing we can do about the speed of packets on the internet. What you see and they see can be separated by a second or two depending on travel times, packet loss and congestion and a lot can happen. MMO's maintain an illusion of synchronized action but it's an illusion. Some games can get away with not having the clients do anything but send state to the host which then sends out the results but that only works on a LAN or in a game with few moving parts (like World Of Tanks). In a game like this with people running around a host synchronized state would be comical (I turn right but nothing happens for 1.5 seconds and then my dude moves right). Usually the illusion works pretty well but unless all the players move into the server room it's always going to be.

GOPHUR: Not only time, Andrew, but fidelity. The turret you see is probably not 100% accurate of what the turret is really doing. For instance with rifles where you see him hit and where he sees him hit are only approximately the same because the positional update sent from the shooter is lower fidelity.

What the shooter sees is what's important.

0 #1 Vonkurt 2011-09-28 15:48
Well turrets are bad examples as they are not synched agaisnt new ppl spawned in until they have been moved and then they sync at the turret rotation rate.
So no lag just a bug
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