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From the Barracks: "FRUs rock. Love em, awesome.  BUT.. They tend to spread the field out too much, in a manner that breaks "realism" and immersion and that dilutes player density and therefore player combat fun. To fix both problems I suggest adding this limitation to FRU placement limitations.

This limits your attack from a FB, using FRUs, to the front arc between the FB and the Target. If you want to move out on the flanks, you will have to move there on foot."

GOPHUR: The premise is correct here. FRUs can spread the combat out and can lead to unpredictable fronts. I don't like the suggested fix largely because it is complex and difficult to explain in a user context. It also gives away fog-of-war.

If you wan to "limit your attack from a FB, using FRUs, to the front arc between the FB and the Target" there are easier ways to do that such as making them daisy chain and remember previous locations for fallback. Even then, we don't want to remove the ability to flank. We would look to change some of the more extreme flanking that can happen with one man, five hours of crawling through the bush.

All in all I think more permanence and more team work requirements are the answer to making mobile spawns not army teleporters.

Time to battle and more importantly return time to battle is remains one of the major issues with large open world sandbox combat.