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While some of our players don't really care about scoring and stats, many do and visit the CS&R pages regularly. It's a good way to figure out whose butt you kick on a regular basis (and vice versa).  The stats are reset at the end of every campaign and archived. The actual process of resetting can take a long time, depending on how long the campaign ran. Skurcey wants to know "Why aren't stats compiled during intermission? I've always wondered?"


RAMP: The stats can be compiled anytime after the campaign ends, really. It usually takes between 7-9 hours, depending on the duration of the campaign and if there are no other issues to deal with. We've always waited until the end of the post-campaign intermission to give people a chance to read them. Once the stats for the campaign are reset, they're archived. We like to give you guys a couple of days to check them before we start fresh.


0 #2 Spiff 2011-06-06 19:09
It's probably not the only thing they have to do when they reset a world war. ;)
0 #1 hinfoos 2011-06-03 11:23
7-9h... then how come it takes days somtimes or maybe a week?
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