Preventing Mole Attacks?

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Some players have expressed a concern that the old "mole attacks" are still a prevalent style of game play. KFS1 explains that the new capture rules and mechanics have greatly reduced that effectiveness of this type of attack.

The new capture system in 1.31 has significantly altered the playout of mole attacks.

Firstly, it now takes 8 minutes for a lone player to capture a facility. If 2-3 guys spawn to deal with the mole, they are going to plow through retaking anything he took. They're going to catch the mole in pretty short order.

Secondly, given the player-based-capture-speed, risking an AO on a moleing attack is a much bigger gamble.

These changes combine to make anti-moleing far less unpleasant than they used to be. For a start, if more than one of you goes after the mole, there is a discernible advantage. On the other hand, if the caps aren't 8 minutes apart, you know ahead of time that he's not alone.

Lastly, these factors and the play out of the new capture system itself means that the EI isn't going to be quite so easy to kill when you get there, and your labors may actually be rewarded with some fighting. And if he has a mobile spawn up nearby, the fact that dying doesn't insta-reset his capture progress may be enticement for him to come back to that location. If he spent 7 minutes capping that depot to 88% ....


0 #1 mdundee 2010-07-20 21:11
Don't forget that when you're liberating a partially captured depot, that goes twice as fast as when someone is trying to capture initially.
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