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From Torgrim1 in the Barracks: "So when will it be possible to fight in the open field that have actual tactical values? Sure you can fight out in the open but there is no reason for it, what we have since 2002 is Siege battle, you siege a village or a city then move on to the next til someone wins. I want to have more tactial places in the open map to fight over, cut supply lines, encircle whole brigades ect."

KFS1: If there is a tactical value to a position "in the open", we already can and do fight over it. I've seen big fights break out over farm ruins, precisely because they otherwise become a strong foot hold for mobile spawns and mortars. If you've fought at Huy/Boullion and other similarly hilled towns, you know there is immense tactical value to holding the ridges.

If you are saying: will we ever add capture points to arbitrary non-city locations, I think that's very doubtful. People have proposed and discussed creating systems for non-town capture systems ad-nauseum. If we go in and put stuff down that would make such locations non-arbitrary and valuable, it's just going to be more of the same.

Think about resupply trucks: a hill top with concealment/cover for resupply trucks can make a really valuable location. We could go round the world and start slapping down fortifications etc to emphasize the value of such locations to you, but IMHO - and I can't speak for the rest of the team on this - it would diminish their value by making it just one more "place".

As mobile spawns/resupply trucks have shown, player established positions are far more engaging and rewarding battles than anything we can plonk down.

We have about 80% of the technologies required to allow players to build up their own such positions into mini-FBs. And the perk of the enemy not knowing in advance where you will set them up will make them infinitely better than actual FBs.

Hopefully we'll have the opportunity to do something with this in the next year or so.