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A question from KingNoah: "I was just wondering why Den Haag exists. It has only one building, the docks, and a unit is hardly ever there. It serves no point as it is far, far away from anything, and the is rarely a player up in the vicinity of Den Haag, much less combat there. Also equally pointless is the 'city' 25 km to the NW. There are no cp's there, and, though I haven't been there, ( why would I be?) I doubt there is actually even a building there. I'd just like to know the point of Den Haag, and the 'city' to the NW of it."
DOC: It was part of an initiative by an earlier producer here to build up in the north of the map. Other more important tasks and projects put that plan on the back burner since then, but the port that made it in was not removed because it allows German naval units to sortie into the North Sea and down to England without relying on Hellvoetsluis which can be captured thus leaving them no main naval base to spawn at. The “city” you see without buildings is Rotterdam which was also part of that early initiative to build in the northern reaches of the low countries that as mentioned already, was never taken to completion.

0 #2 Folkgren 2010-04-20 01:48
Shouldn't you finish Rotterdam?

Of all the places on the map isn't only London a more major seaport historically?

0 #1 MDundee 2010-04-04 18:27
It gives the Kriegsmarine something to do while we're ravaging Belgium and Germany and they have no other ports to spawn from. It also gives the Allied navies something to shoot at, which prevents them from sailing DDs up the rivers to Roermond.
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