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Related to a thread started in the Mototpool by Swag...

Shouldn't HE take out a ATG crew? Sure theres a blast shield, but if I hit the ATG and the ground around it with several HE rounds the crew should get killed no?

Not always. Unfortunately, in the globally rendered physics/ballistics model we have to run all ballistics/physics rendering, if your HE round explodes on one side of armour it can't penetrate, unless some shrapnel can penetrate, you can't do a lot of damage to what is on the other side of that armour. What we need is overmatch where the armour is destroyed, but we can't model that at this time. We'd like some of the weirder less obvious things like this to behave differently, but until we can write entirely new systems to do them, we have to accept some rather unpopular limitations.

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