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There have been some questions about some changes made to buildings in the bigger cities in the 1.31 Beta: "I didn't fight in them often before, largely because of a lack of inf cover. I think that now, there are more buildings which provide more alleyways allowing you to sneak around better, but the fact that all but apparently one type of building are closed off means there still isn't much real cover for infantry - a prone ei at the corner of a building still sticks out like a sore thumb, and the fact that you can't get to any roofs is quite unfortunate...Visually, they look a lot better, and I bet when a couple of the buildings in town get blown up it will provide much better cover but I'll probably still avoid fighting there most of the time."

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We get this request fairly often from players who would love to help build BE. DEKARD and GOPHUR took a few minutes to help clear up why we haven't taken up these offers: "Dear CRS, please I am begging you, let us mod, in order to introduce many things...If you would let the community mod they could do things like this while you work on bigger updates, splitting the work so to speak...You may be saying "it's our game we do what we want" well that attitude has brought down many games and developers, yet the ones that allow modding and user created content thrive years after they are releases (Rome:total war for example, been going strong for 6+ years)"

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Today's question is from Bates17: "Would a change to the way paras jump be to much to ask? I absoultly adore para jumps, easily one of the best parts of the game, but my only quarrel is the way they jump, i hate just falling thru the bottom of the plane, would it not be possible to have paras actually be able to freely walk around or sit if they choose in the plane, then simply run out off the door when its time to jump?"

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A question from the Hangar: "What if pressurized cp's were modeled in game? As you go up in alt, what if maneuvers caused blackouts easier due to lack of oxygen in planes that lacked pressurised cp's? Of course pressurised planes would gain a bigger advantage at alt, but wasn't this how it was irl?"

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