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Hellcatz expressed a concern about deploying a gun and it's reaction with surrounding objects: "it would be nice to deploy a gun within the veh spawn of an FB and then un-deploy (or whatever you want to call it) without the damn weapon tipping over, up, side-to-side, etc. A bofors gun is heavier than the freaking "tent" (vehicle spawn of an FB). is this fixed in 1.31 or not? if not, it needs to be because it's [unrealistic] "

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From the Battleground Europe Q&A forum: "Has there ever been any thought to expanding the number of chat channels you can be in to more than 6? Being in HC I find that 6 just isn't enough when Map OIC when I'm trying to coordinate things. 10,20,30,ops,target,mission,side,squad are all channels I find important and it would be awesome to be able to tune them all! Perhaps even just allowing channels be combined in a single tab would be nice."

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A question from KingNoah: "I was just wondering why Den Haag exists. It has only one building, the docks, and a unit is hardly ever there. It serves no point as it is far, far away from anything, and the is rarely a player up in the vicinity of Den Haag, much less combat there. Also equally pointless is the 'city' 25 km to the NW. There are no cp's there, and, though I haven't been there, ( why would I be?) I doubt there is actually even a building there. I'd just like to know the point of Den Haag, and the 'city' to the NW of it."

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