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A question from Belnz in the Barracks: Why not have each additional player reduces the capture timer by the same amount? Also im not that familiar with the beta but i assume 1 lone defender hiding upstairs say wont prevent a cap vs. 10 players but instead. In other words the number of live defenders has to be greater than the number of cappers. As for instant caps? Why not?

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"I have been playing this game for about a week, and I LOVE driving the HT...But, being a noob this is a bad way to rank up as I have found out. I don't get points for towing, I don't get points for resupplying, and as I am in a Halftrack and cannot MSP, I don't get points for spawning infantry.  Could it be possible to give points for giving ammo and towing guns? Even if it is just one point per resupply or per tow?"

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From Irelandeb in The Barracks: "These radii are much much shorter than the real life greandes had. These in game radii are approximately 4.5 to 5 m. I know german and french concussion grenades had very variable ranges due to their nature (Not having much of a casing, there are cases of guys surviving these greandes going off by their head and others being killed by secondary fragments a 15 m away.), but the mills bomb had a reputation for being a VERY powerful grenade. It could kill you from further away than you could possibly throw it. So what's with the lack of fragments?"

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