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A few threads are floating around the Barracks about this idea: "A simple 'queue' that kicks in when overpopulation reaches the breaking point (various estimates put this at 5-8%). The Queue replaces the Spawn Delay system, and is a simple line first come first served. Provisions should be made for HC members to bypass the Queue (a perk to joining HC perhaps), and a way for Squads to set a "open join" time for functions like Squad night (IE: KGW Squad Night Saturday Login time 0600 - 0630). Does CRS have any plans to implement a side balancing system that forces balance and is not dependent on player whims, such as a Queue system?"


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Dracus1 asks "I never complain about much but being an older player and ranked up to Light Colonel and no place to go. It would be nice for the group to give us the rank of Full Colonel even if it was a million points to get there."

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