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A question about the Chat UI was asked by Uberian in the Q&A forum:  "I try to send a PM to most of the greentags I see, explaining how to reply PMs and how to send one to another player. Thing is most of the time I never get a answer back, so either they see my PM and still cant understand or they simply miss it because the chat can be quite spammy at times. I also think a revamp of the squad tab is needed to make it more easier for them to see where they can join up on a squadmates mission and so on. So my question for CRS is if there's any plan on to changing the current squad UI and chat layout?"

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A question about fire bases from Lure in The Barracks: "What is the point with FBs now that MSPs been in the game for so long? Infantry mostly spawn in the middle of the battle now from MSPs and don't need to run/ride to get to the battle. Why not just remove the FBs?  You would re-open a LOT of terrain for tank/atg ambushes. I miss setting up a small ambush team in the middle of nowhere.  The only down side I can see is for the slow tanks but I'd make that trade any time."

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