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A quick clarification for Hick and the Hangar boys: "I was wondering if you could get clarification on a change that was made during 1.31: The 109F1 (which uses MMFF/M) Had a loadout change to an All-Mine belting. There seems to be confusion as to whether or not this change affected on the F1 or all aircraft using that cannon."

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The role and functions of the HC in the game have undergone many changes and refinements over the years. Most of these changes are "outside the game" in terms of the structure and management. Coding them to be "inside the game completely" is very difficult and, in some respects, an impossible set of features to implement. However, many game engine (client) and host side changes have been added- although these have been incremental.

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"Gophur mentioned dynamic target management for 1.32 (w00t), but what about the origin ? Removing fixed origin could enhance tactical possibilities for the ML, and make team cohesion easier to manage. Furthermore, it would allow to finally link MSPs to the brigade instead of a mission, since anyone could use it whatever mission they belong to.?

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"Death trigger" is the situation where a gunner, if killed while holding down the trigger, keeps firing as the last recoded input from the input device (trigger) is not cancelled when the gunner dies. This was an issue in the past but is not an issue in the game nowadays. When a gunner is killed the trigger input is cancelled even if it was being held down at the moment of the gunners death.

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