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This weeks mailbag is composed of questions gathered from the player forums, the last RAT chat and emails. If you have a question you'd like to have answered, shoot an email off to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

What is the maximum distance an 88 can damage another player?
If this is different from the ships, how does the game engine do them differently? - Kharn

If you can see them through your gunsight, and hit them, you can damage or kill them, or not, depending on the ballistics outcome of the round versus the target.
Ships are not treated any differently, although they do render (you can see them) at longer ranges than, say … infantry do.
Target/Town Name : They are on top of each other. When some one says to me in vent. "Whats your target", I look at the map and notice the word "TARGET" is over top of the name of the town. I cant read it. So i have to use my mouse click on Missions to find out the target. Very hard to do whilst flying. Just move the Target above the town name.- Colkurts
This is more difficult than you think. We don’t deliberately put any target/town name on top of each other. The tags that the map uses to get this information are compiled into the terrain itself, and to move those tags requires that the terrain be rebuilt and then recompiled, with the objects those naming tags uses placed in a different location. We can’t “move” those tags around, they are solid objects in the terrain itself. When the terrain was created we didn’t have the kind of map functionality and features you do today, so adding that stuff in later produced legacy issues like this one. We cannot rebuild all the terrain to accommodate all the issues that adding that new functionality and all the map features you have now has created, because in effect those features cannot be seen with the terrain building tools that created the original terrain world. We try to “repair” any really bad instances you might come across, however this must be done on a 1 at a time single instance basis … the ideal situation you seek (and we also would like) is probably not going to be possible until we have an entirely new terrain created with more modern entirely new terrain tools that have all the features present rather than added in later causing such legacy issues. We know it’s annoying, it annoys us too.
Obviously not a high priority, but could you add 1 thing to the DEV list? A hot-key for "Approve all Marks"? I'm almost always a manned laffly, but I die and kill quite a few friendlies while trying to drive and approve marks. Never once in all this time have I chosen to NOT approve a mark. But I hate running into berms or into the nme while I have my map up and Im trying to find, right-click, and choose approve. - Virago
This is already on our short term “to do” list. Expect to see this soon.
Is there any possibility in the near future to modify our tracer belting such that we can have either more, less or none based on preference? Or at least simply a toggle button/command much like the .conv command where we can turn off tracer rounds?  Example would be the Fw190... who wants tracer rounds in the mg17 belts... you don't aim with them, all you care about is where your cannons are going, am i right? - Tempest

This would require “loadout” technology to be available to the game engine, which it is not able to do until we rewrite it to incorporate such a feature set. As a side not of interest, the example you state (the Fw190) it was Luftwaffe doctrine at the time to use tracer in the MG17 SPECIFICALLY for the purpose of ranging the cannons. Correct or not tactically speaking … that was the expectation of the time so if you want to be historically correct the MG17 would never have tracers removed.
Is there any possibility in the near future for variation of tracer round color based upon the most common colors used by each respective airforce? 

Perhaps after we get more elaborate lighting routines we can recode the game engine to add that functionality. It’s not that difficult, it’s just a decision and then a priority.
I heard the axis were requesting the ability to become more interactive with sheep. Is that in 1.30?  ;) - Chkicker
We actually get as many requests for the sheep’s locations from the Allies as we do from the Axis, current spread is Axis 1.02 – Allied 0.98 last time I checked. We have to screen these ardent admirers rather carefully you understand, but it’s pretty balanced.
Why do some places of the game world not render bushes/trees/shrubs? It seems to happen completely at random, and im curious to know whether or not it happens to only one client/side at a time or is it a known bug with the game world? - Wicaeed
This is nothing to do with the game world itself, outside of your computer. It’s entirely based on the abilities/ drivers / hardware and localized rendering issues on your computer. There are actually a lot of things that can go wrong causing render anomalies. We try to solve them all but as things vary from one computer to another over a wide range of possibilities this is a seemingly impossible task. If all computers were somewhat standardized, in terms of both hardware ability and vendor created software solutions, it would be much easier to guarantee fixed results and this is the huge attraction in developing for consoles and fixed platform specifications. Developing for the PC blows chunks in this regard, really, because there are millions of things that differ from one to another as the range is so wide.

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