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This weeks mailbag was a little slim, but had some good questions.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I know that this will probably be a no-go, but instead of the next aircraft model being another fighter, would it be possible to get an SNJ-4 or another two-seat trainer aircraft that can be multi-crewed and be flown from both positions. This aircraft would pretty much be only for the training server to aid in training new pilots.

We aren’t doing anymore aircraft for a little while, there are so many other areas of the game that we have to work on we feel that aircraft work can take a little break now. The only reason we modeled any new fighters at all is that they were easy to do while we worked on more important stuff, and we wanted there to be some new equipment in the patch, and we had a skill and rank tree concept to get finalized in which those aircraft helped us in completing that implementation. We aren’t biased towards fighters on any actual desire level … they just fit all our limitations best at this time. A better training method than spending gobs of time modeling a 2 seat trainer would be to make it possible for you to be an observer (using pilot’s viewpoint) in a regular fighter flown by an instructor.
How about a Confirm Spawn as FB or as MS. Nothing more annoying then to spawn in and end up as a MS, when you wanted to go to the FB!!

We’re working on better UI feedback like that, so that it’s easier to know what you’re selecting and what it means when you find yourself spawned into the world, like, where you will actually be (situation and location wise) depending on your selection choice. It needs to be more visibly obvious even though it’s already there.

Is the Castle model rebuild in the "short list"?. If not... what's the next one after the Windmill?

Yup. Was talking to Dekard about this yesterday, and just for the record … EVERY building that hasn’t been upgraded from 2D to 3D high-res is slated to be upgraded. It will take time and they won't all be done for 1.31, but we're very eager to get them all looking as good as the new Farmhouse ruin.

We already have the capability to "sit" infantry on most tanks/panzers.  Is it possible to allow those sitting infantry to lay down and deploy/fire weapons in support of the tanks/panzers?  This would be pretty useful in supporting our armor (especially the Stugs that don't have hull guns).  Sure, a firing infantryman on a panzer may be the first target of a roaming sapper, but to be able to lay down and face the rear of the panzer would allow infantry to be extra eyes and protection, and act as a tripwire to that panzer/tank driver that sappers may be close by.

I can see where a useful asset of “crouch to deploy” for say a LMG would be behind the turret using the turret to lay the LMG on. I don’t know how easy that will be to do because unlike the environmental objects we make LMG deployable this way, we can’t “adjust” the height of the turret to make it work if it doesn’t by accident. The turret is historically modeled on dimensional accuracy, where with window ledges and so on we are free to move them around to make them work with the infantry collider model. You can already stand and crouch (haven’t tried going prone yet but I bet you can) while you are on a tank, but its real usefulness is extremely limited. You’re going to die there much faster than if you go prone on the ground next to or behind the tank you’re working with. Might end up being a lot of work for no real gain, we shall see.

Looking for 6dof in the air war. Will this be in the unity build of new cockpits?

Can’t really say for sure at this point in time … 6DOF is on our future features list but we don’t know exactly when that will happen. It depends on quite a lot more than just “new cockpits” and new cockpits are not render engine enhancement dependant, but 6DOF might be. There is no straight answer to this question other than it is planned for when it is doable within our resources to do so. We can’t however make any predictions when that will be, because we’d be guessing, and guessing is not a reliable prediction method.

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