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DOC ... in the original version that would read "forum" but we don't talk about them much around here. :) It has been an unusual campaign so far though, there's no denying that, even if some are sharpening their knives rather than laughing. I spoke today with the GHC and the risky "take the Zeelands first at all cost" plan didn't quite work out the way they had hoped and came at rather a higher cost than might have been predicted.

All is not lost, however. A better understanding of the importance of the center in starting strategy is both readily apparent and perhaps more central to future starting strategies, we shall see. I really hope that the GHC and their strongest players in all branches can maybe get the factory cities back and we can see a weekend of awesome battles and tooth and toenail, blood and guts gameplay evolve out of those last stand moments. It's what Battleground Europe players are known for, fighting to the very end. It's a long shot but maybe it won't prove to be the last stand at all- the Axis have done it before. All we can do is see what happens !

We decided to postpone any v1.29 announcements today and save them for next week, the truth is we're still deep in the final debugging phases, have a ton of stuff completed and a few more still to go ... and no real news that is any different from last week but are at the same time a few steps closer to knowing the things you want to read in any announcement anyway. There's no point in doing an announcement just for the sake of it, better to have some meat in the stew with all the vegetables, right?

There is a surprise planned for later but I'd rather see a blowout weekend of "I don't care about the map I'm going to fight you for every inch of it!!" fighting than anything else, so we'll announce this in a few days.

Have a happy halloween and dress your enemy in some blood to help him celebrate.

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