Adding Faces to Battleground Europe

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TOTOLast year Playnet offered a unique prize to two players: their faces digitally added to WWIIOL. Most of the faces you see wandering around Europe are those of current and former staff. We thought it was time to add some new ones to the catalog and so an upcoming promotion will give more players the chance to be entered into the ranks of our virtual armies.

So how do we do it? I've put together a basic step-by-step of how we go from a digital photograph of a real person to a digitized face on our infantry model.

1: Original head UVMap template  circa:2001.  Very low poly head and hands, note the mittens and no individual digits:

2: Original face photo to generate texture map with. Note silly look and grin on this person's face, and irregular crown of head shape:

3: Orignal photo with left side duplicated and flipped horizontally in order to achieve a symmetrical image appropriate for mapping a symmetrical object:

4: Texture in early development. A profile picture was provided to in order to "stitch" the image together to best cover the mapped geometry: 

5: Finished map for head and hands model (diffuse map = color map)  Note: silly grin still present:

6: Current UVMap template used for newer head and hand models, circa 2004:

Today, it would serve our best interest to use denser geometry for the heads, with a working mouth, and hands that include all 5 fingers.  In order to UVMap we would utilize the "Pelt" tool inherent in 3d Studio Max, as well as a baked normal map, and specular map.

Details on the new promotion and how you can win the chance to be added will be announced soon.

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