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MOTORMOUTH"Wired" blogger David Axe posted an article last week about the US army wanting to "build a "Massive Multiplayer Online Game" (MMOG) where a wide range of Army training could take place."

"Potentially an MMOG could be created which adheres to the physical and behavioral reality of the world and provides an 'always on' environment in which to execute training, something like World of Warcraft, but focused on the military training customer," says Dr. Roger Smith.

Army researchers claimed that nothing like it has been created.

Sadly, it's a long road from today's stand-alone military training simulations like Tactical Iraqi to the "whole virtual world" that Smith imagines. "There have been a number of partial explorations in this direction, but nothing near a complete system has been created to our knowledge," he tells us.John "KILLER" MacQueen set them straight. "There is such a game already in existence".  Battleground Europe is "by far the largest [Massive Multiplayer Online Game] 3D world in existence".

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