FB defence - An art of war or simple mechanics?

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I noticed the thread by Genxs in the Barracks titled "Dropping the ball". He has many valid points but is FB defense really an art of war or a simplified version of defending a town? Is the success or failure based on your skills, teamwork or pure luck? Read more to find out and contribute in the comment field under the article!


From the Battleground Europe player Genxs

Last example was last night. Allies lost Antwerp and one of their favorites players came online to cause some havoc in the enemy line...

Tanks and infantry flooded the town and started a huge level of rapid short range attrition. Antwerp went Axis, Temse was later on secured and Couvin was on fire. KD's of over 12:1 was reported. This looked golden.. Axis weren't moving nor able to provide the supply needed. The Allies had the "ball".

So after one kickass tank ride I spawn in as a truck to race to supply a friendly tank near the frontline. The second time I spawned at the FB it was manned with 2 infantry men and as I raced to town I thought this was an Allied victory. I resupplied the tank and race an FRU in, this third time I spawned at the FB it was even busier.. 3 infantry men at the INF tents, and a couple of AAs at the vehicle spawn.

I arrived short range dodging all kinds of projectiles and placed an FRU.. Tried to spawn in and it didn't work. It gave me a supply error message so for a moment I thought I was in an empty brigade.. but no.. the FB suddenly blew up!

It's like you try to aim at the enemy and another enemy just pulls the rifle out of your hands before you pull the trigger.. Come on!

If we cannot master the FB techniques then go back to FB drills, FB tips, FB crews and an FB OIC.

If the High Commands does not provide OICs nor designates them, then take the position yourself at an FB that you and others suggest is of important value.

Each assault using an FB has a mandatory phased execution going that consists of supply, numbers, zone of control and lastly captures. As flags are in place and we are online we can usually start of with the FB right away.

Here's a few simple rules any officer in charge can follow to keep it secure;

- As FB to P1 you can use communications whenever needed. If you need more units, air cover, field scouts, fortification or anything else to function properly then you must actively use the target/OPS/Side channel. As FB to P1 this is where the fight starts, at the initial spawnpoint. Without it the fight is over so ANY large problem at a P1 FB should be our P1 by default.

- Call in enemy positions to Ops channel from the FB your securing, do this regularly.

- Keep 1+ INF in or on the INF tents at all times

- Keep 2+ INF in or on the INF tents when enemy truck is reported

- Keep 3+ INF in or on the INF tents when enemy infantry is reported (1 INF each corner of INF tents is about as solid as we can make defence)

- When low on defenders ignore the VEH tents and keep the primary focus on the INF tents 

- When enemy infantry trail or enemy tank marks are reported call it out on target/Ops channel and send a small team to cleanup.. KEEP the INF tents defenders in place though.

And while I'm at it here are some default behaviour tips for FB defence;

- Do not build PPO bunkers around the INF tents unless it's for cover of ET MG. EI uses them to sneak up closer and they sure provide good cover for that I assure you.

- Use your audio to detect incoming units early. When you hear it call it in and start marking. Do not leave FB position unless your sure that it is the only incoming units or that other defenders takes your guard position as while you walk away a sapper may place 4 charges before you have the time to properly react

- Report status of FB to target channel regularly, if the FB is on its way down report it on Ops/Side channel

- Report any AA setups to your sides AIR (Axis: 20 / Allied: 55) channel to offer flaktrap support. Move the AA away from VEH and provide them with a local FRU if possible.

- Keep 1 or 2 friendly tanks nearby the INF tents to slow down ei movement, they simply wont run across the field that fast and the tank provides a very good scanning tool. 

- For very important towns captures, a pre-camp FRU is probably the best option to regain suddenly lost FBs.

All this standards stuff will only be done if someone takes communications / OIC for an FB. However a full FB OIC job may keep you busy more then fighting the best. FB defences starts with just 1 person taking guard duty for a while to monitor and report. Rotate regularly every 15-60 minutes and we are basically assured of the option to sustain an attack. And thats something worth a whole lot in this game.

For those having no clue and those knowing all about it. Your invited to join in on the OPS channel 24/7 to join in!

Lets get those priority FBs secure folks.. P1 = FUN but lets make it lasting till we ROFL'd enough for our buck


Use these words for your own and your teams succes, and as we all know: Teamwork = Success = FUN! Happy hunting and thanks to Genxs for putting this up in the Barracks!

0 #8 Willa 2020-09-30 12:35
Is this site dead and not getting updated?
0 #7 frix 2011-08-28 17:00
Simply put most players doeas not want to defend FB`s, as it involves to much time, with litle, or no action. So it is rather a gameplay issue, and not the tactics itself which need changes.
0 #6 mook42 2011-08-28 16:08
same channel with players attacking town would help alot
0 #5 Zipeh 2011-08-27 16:15
The lack of FB defence while on the attack is my biggest pet peeve in game. I could not count the amount of times i have spawned into an empty FB of a P1 attack .. Big case of
"not my problem" - or - "someone else will do it."
0 #4 ratzilla 2011-08-27 13:17
All you really need is a dedicated squad to volunteer or be assigned by HC.
0 #3 Viking 2011-08-25 05:58
A P1 attack allways need FB defense.If FB go down. Attack is over and dead in the water.Easy as that.Ei will allways try get FB on P1.FB defens can often be more fun fight than town it self.Belive me.Cause the enemy so need it down.Keep guarding FBs
0 #2 czman 2011-08-24 13:35
Problem is, when you make mission for fb defence(to set supply/defence FRU), you aren't on same channel with players attacking town, so you can't call for help and see their marks of incoming trucks/tanks to fb. This is stupid.
0 #1 gunny 2011-08-24 11:03
very sound tactics indeed .good post .
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