Open Letter to All Players


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Another year has flown by! It's hard for us to believe we marked the game's 10th anniversary- for many of us it seems like not that long ago we were fighting our way through launch day.

2011 had up and downs for the Rats. We reached many of goals while some remain on the horizon. We were pretty excited to finally add another country to the game with the U.S. forces while we're still feeling the aftershocks of host re-writes that were necessary for us to move forward.
Players who have remained members of our community for a while probably already know that our team works harder than many others to keep pushing forward with the vision we created in 2001. This community has seen the game go through rough times and exciting milestones- that's why so many of you choose to remain.

Over the holidays, many of The Rats will be taking a deep breath and spending some time with family and friends. Some of us will continue pushing to nail down remaining issues with the live cluster. We will be coming back to the office in January to tackle some unfinished business from last year and mapping out our plans for 2012- which we will be sharing with you.

On behalf of the entire team at Playnet and Cornered Rat Software, I want to thank you for your continued support, and I want to wish you, your friends and family a healthy and joyous holiday and the hope that the year ahead will be filled with fun. And a special thanks goes out from all of us to our volunteers who work tirelessly to help us make the game better.

Happy Holidays!

The Rats