What part of the war is Battleground Europe ?

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I spotted an interesting question from a player this week who was a little confused about how Battleground Europe got it's equipment make-up. the real story is probably not what some newer players would imagine ...

When we started the game, several years ago, we had only completed the 1940 basic set of equipment when we (for various reasons not under our total control) had to launch the game and go live. We didn't have RDP, we didn't have equipment tiers and we didn't have any "progress of weapons technology" through the campaign like you see now. We didn't even have campaigns.

The name of the original game at launch was "Blitzkrieg" as this reflected the 1940 Battle of France period which was all we had modeled, and even that period of equipment wasn't as complete as it is today.

However, it was always our original intention to progress through the war years to 1945, we did realize this was going to take a long time though. So we kept the game going, developed it as we went along, and a couple of years later ahd reached the "Beyond Blitzkrieg" era where we had now surpassed the whole "1940 Battle of France" period and we dropped the Blitzkrieg name and changed it to "Battleground Europe". Marketing had subtitled the retail release we put out at the time "1940-1942" for reasons of creating a "chapter" or "volume" approach (so that future volumes or chapters could be boxed for retail as "1943" and "1944" and so on) but that wasn't how things turned out.

Due to declining interest in the retail/publishing sector to box a retail release of the game as a new release, no matter how changed and evolved it had become ... the whole retail release of chapters didn't pan out as a viable way forwards. In the meantime, the production team at CRS had already moved the equipment in the game past 1942 into 1943 and even the Christmas/New Year period of that year which lands us in the first month of 1944 in some respects. The "box" and logo art of course is rather more fixed in that it still said "1940-1942" but the game had already surpassed this period.

During all these years of developing a game created in the year 2000 and released in 2001, in a very very basic form ... we quadrupled it's systems, size, equipment, features and gameplay. We added things that made it the game it is today, that didn't even exist in the beginning. Equipment and weapons spanning the early and middle years of the war. Supply and attrition paradigms. Weapons and equipment production/technology that moves through a progressive weapons development & deployment tree to give campaigns a "start" and a "middle" and an "end" that represents a huge conflict over time. A command structure that allows each side to have a military organization (of sorts, players aren't really soldiers ) made up entirely of players themselves ... to pit organized armies and air forces and even some naval elements against their enemies forces. All of this dovetails into strategic and tactical plans and operations that become the game itself.

We still have a lot more to add to the game. It will go beyond this time frame of the war into 1944 and 1945, but we're not in a rush to get there. We need to keep all phases of the game, the early and mid years more than the later ones, compelling and well rounded out. More equipment, more options of command and tactical flexibility in terms of the missions and objectives systems. More territory to fight over, the game world is much bigger than any so far built, but it's still got a lot more to come. More stuff is the best way to put it, and more ways to employ that stuff in the conflict you fight called Battleground Europe. It is the toughest PvP on the planet, and it is the only real war in the biz that you can fight for real, frustratingly in your face consequences of victory and defeat.

It's always been an evolutionary game, never finished, since the beginning. It has to be that way when you make available a game for players that will take more than 10 years to build. It will continue to evolve and change for as long as you remain a player of it. It's only going to get better.

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