WWIIOL in 3D? Oh Yes!


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Ah yes. Remember going to a 3D movie when you were a kid and wearing those goofy paper glasses? Sitting in the theater and screaming like a little girl when Jaws came leaping out of the ocean and snapped at your face? 3D movie technology has come a long way since those day, the movies better, the glasses a lot cooler.


The next step in it's evolution? 3D gaming for your home PC.  iZ3D is one of the companies that is working on perfecting the 3D experience for gamers, and they've recently added Battleground Europe to their roster of supported games. The technology inside the new 22" Stereoscopic monitor may be complex, but the results are simple: an even MORE immersive game experience.

Clayton "Sgtrose" Remy, a 2001 WWIIOL vet, recently picked up one of these rigs. "I use the iz3d 22inch gaming monitor and it's driver...No adjustments gamewise are needed as all adjustments with 3d are done with keyboard hotkeys via the monitors driver package. So 15 minutes of setting the monitor up physically and drivers and it worked". Also, he says "After running game there was no drop in FPS".

"Playing any game in 3D is definitely a huge asset. Natural depth perception takes over when ranging targets, especially in the ground game. As far as WIIOL is concerned, I can now effectively range a target much faster than before with greater accuracy". Great news for LMGs and AT gunners!

"The best part of playing wwiiol in 3D has gotta be the ground game. The muzzle flashes and tracer smoke are much more impressive as well as all smoke effects. It also helps greatly to distinguish things like EI in a bush and other enemy equipment feels a whole lot more visible. Not to mention the immersion value associated with 3D! It's more like being in this virtual world vs. just looking at it (in 2D)".

With the monitor pricing starting at just $360USD and a development team constantly rolling out updates for drives, hardware and glasses, it sounds like an inexpensive way to kick your game up a notch!