The WWII Online Support Team strives to resolve issues quickly and professionally. If your specific question is not answered in the below Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), kindly submit a support ticket and the Support Team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


Starter to Premium Subscription

Due to an odd situation in the billing system, if you currently have a starter subscription and want to bump up to a premium subscription, you'll need to submit a support ticket with the following.

  • Gamename
  • Plan (17.99 or 14.99)
  • I hereby give permission for CRS to charge my card 17.99 today
  • If you chose the 14.99 option,
    • I agreem to subscribe for 12 months or pay the termination fee if I cancel early

Permission for CRS to add additional time onto the sub for payment made on the starter subscription.

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