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A small problem appeared this weekend with Offline Payment Methods.  These were not going through due to a problem in the notification system.  This was resolved this morning, and pending transaction notifications were processed. Please note that this does not necessarily mean that the payment was completed. 

Most offline payment methods are delayed because the payment must first clear the offline billing vendor before it is sent to us.  For instance, electronic checks, what you use when your PayPal account is secured with your bank account, typically take 7 to 10 days to clear.  However, when your offline billing payment is secured with a credit or debit card, the delay is normally minimal (within an hour or two).

Please refer to the wiki page on Offline Payments for additional information.

If you believe your transaction notification was not fixed this morning, please contact support.  Thank you.

Update: It appears that for a dozen or so PayPal customers so far, we have received the payment but the system has not correctly credited the accounts. We are manually searching for these and updating accounts as we can confirm receipt of payment. If you believe your PayPal transaction should have cleared by now (especially if your PayPal account is secured with a credit card), please let us know with a support ticket so we can expedite the search.

Simultaneously with this, we are beginning an audit of all PayPal transactions for the last three weeks to identify these potential incidents, and should be able to rectify any remaining problems automatically in the next few days.


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Update: This issue was resolved on the afternoon of July 1 and all pending account changes were processed.

We have an issue with changes to accounts not being handled correctly by our database. Any change to your account status, is not being copied to the Authorization system that puts the changes into effect.  These primarily actions such as:

  • password changes
  • account reactivations
  • activation key purchases
  • game name changes, etc.

This should be resolved very soon, within a couple of hours. All pending changes should be automatically made at that time.  We are very sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience.

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