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As a follow up to our July 31st announcement, we have some additional changes that are coming to WWII Online's product offerings. CRS is focusing on improving the value of our existing and upcoming offerings and working to provide a base entry to the game that is mutual for both Organic and Steam users. Also, all past Premium users of WWII Online now have "Rifleman" access to the game and the open forums to stay actively participating as a member of our community. Full details within the article, this is an important one!

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Step 1: Go to Playnet Account Pages HERE

Step 2: Insert your login information and click "login"


Step 3: At the top, click "SUBSCRIPTION"


Step 4: Select "I would like to update my billing method" (near the bottom)


Step 5: Fill in your new billing info

Step 6: Click "Save" new billing info (near the bottom)


Need additional help? Submit a ticket to

Password Reset:

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Account Information

What is Next Billing Date?

Your Next Billing Day is the date we will attempt to charge your subscription. Usually, this will be the same date each month. For example, if you first paid on the 7th of the month with a monthly subscription, you will be charged on the 7th of each month after that.
However, if you first paid on the 30th, or 31st of the month, your next billing date is often moved to the 1st of the next month for the convenience of our systems.
How do I manage my Playnet account?

Managing your Playnet account is very easy; just make sure you hold onto your Playnet login name and password.

Log in and from there you can then update your personal information, subscribe to games, change your billing info, and more. Please keep your information complete and updated, in case we need to contact you or verify some bit of information.

Why was I charged $1?

In early 2008, we revised our billing system to be much more secure. A part of this was adapting to use the industry standard "authorization charge" to verify the validity of a credit card.

Simply stated, this creates a "US$1.00" charge that is sent to your credit card, and when that is verified, the charge is canceled (though the term "refunded" is usually used to indicated this). The charge itself is not "captured".

So it doesn't actually happen. You normally never see this because there's nothing to see, essentially.


However, there's a recent complication. For some Visa and MasterCard debit card users, the $1 gets 'reserved' because the bank doesn't know it's just an authorization check. And for a smaller subset of people, this appears to be a $1.00 charge. One factor in this is how long the bank reserves funds like this - the amount of time varies. But there is still no transaction. We don't take the dollar. Of course, there has to be a wrinkle, or why am I explaining this? We have recently discovered that for a couple of dozen players, the $1.00 was "captured". Due to some problem between our credit card processor and a couple of individual banks, the $1.00 has actually been transferred.

Our accountant is now beginning to refund these. Unfortunately, they aren't immediate. Due to the technical issues, it make take a week to ten days for the refunds to be received on your end if you were one of the few caught in this.

How do I cancel a subscription?

You'll need to login to the account management page, which is located on the WWII Online website under Manage Account.

You'll need to log in with your Playnet member name and password before continuing. If you already have a subscription to Battleground Europe; WWII Online, you can cancel your subscription by selecting the Subscription tab at the top of the page. Then under What Would You Like To Do? select "I would like to unsubscribe from WWII Online." There you will find a confirmation box to check. Then simply click the Unsubscribe button.

Your subscription is now set to be unsubscribed. This will complete on your next bill date.

Also, to avoid any charges, you must unsubscribe before the billing cycle is due. Please refer to the Terms of Service for more information.


What happens when my subscription ends/renews?
  • Playnet's billing system provides recurring billing for Battleground Europe; WWII Online premium subscriptions. This means that in most cases whatever billing option you have selected will automatically renew.
  • If you have selected the monthly billing option, you will automatically be billed the monthly subscription fee at the same time each month.
  • If you have selected a pre-pay option, you will automatically be billed the pre-pay subscription fee at the conclusion of your current subscription.
  • If you wish to change the type of subscription visit your ACCOUNT MANAGMENT page and click on Subscription on the menu at the top of the page. Then select I would like to modify my payment plan.
  • Be sure to make the change before your next billing date.
What subscription plans are available?

Playnet's current bill plan offers are located (HERE).


Can I convert my old account to a free to play account?

It is recommended to create a new F2P account so you don't lose rank & history associated with previous account.


How do I create a free to play account?

Follow the steps located on the new account creation page located here [ADD LINK].

Important Information

  • All subscriptions are recurring!
  • You pay for access to the game servers for the period of your subscription term. During that time period, your access is unlimited. You do not pay for the actual use of the servers.
  • There are No Refunds
  • The Terms of Service are the license agreement which governs the relationship between you and Playnet.:
  • You can find a local copy of this in your game folder: /Battleground Europe/eula.txt
Texas Sales Tax
Due to a recent ruling by the State of Texas, Playnet has been ordered to begin collecting 8.25% tax on all transactions for online services with Texas Residents. This rate is a blend of state and local tax. This tax is added to your subscription plan at the time of the transaction (monthly, yearly etc.).

Credit Cards

Accepted Cards
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Visa Electron cards are not accepted (Please use PayPal or PayByCash)
  • American Express (Note: American Express Gift Cards are not accepted)
  • Diners Club
  • JCB
  • Other gift cards might not be accepted.

Credit Card Questions

How do up update the expiration date of my credit card?

Go to your Account Subscription page, and follow the link near the bottom that says "I would like to modify my payment plan." Choose your subscription term (the period of time at which your subscription renews), then select your type of payment (credit card) and enter the card number and expiration date). You will not be charged until your Billing Date. When that day arrives, your new information will be used.


Can I pay for more than one account with one credit card?

Yes, although, you can only create new trial accounts with a credit card that has never before been used with us.

Offline Billing/Payment Methods

We offer three forms of offline billing. Offline billing allows you pay a third party company, which will pay us. This allows players to use a wide variety of payment methods, ranging from money orders, to debit cards and many others.

Important Note For All Offline Payment Methods

You MUST go through your WWII Online: Battleground Europe Account pages to use any of these payment methods. When you select any offline payment method in you account pages, you with eventually be presented with a shopping cart summary of your intended purchase and a button that says "Pay at <payment company>." Click that button and you will be taken to a payment company website that already has your WWIIOL:BE account information associated with it. This way, when you make the payment, our system will be notified of the two things we need: 1) there is a payment for us, and 2) it belongs to your account.

If you don't do this, our system can get the money but does not know who it belongs to. And sorting that out will take time. So, please, go through our account pages to get to the payment company pages. Do not send us payments without doing this!


How do I make a PayPal payment?
  1. If you have used PayPal with WWIIOL:BE before, login to your Account pages and go to the Subscription section. Follow the link that says, "I would like to make an Offline Payment." On the next screen, verify that the information presented is correct, then press the button that says "Pay at PayPal."
  2. If you have never used PayPal with WWIIOL:BE, login to your Account pages and go to the Subscription section. Follow the link that says, "I would like to change my Payment Plan." On the next screen, select a subscription term of at least 3 months (offline payments are currently only available for subscriptions of 3 months or greater), then select PayPal as your desired method of payment. If you do not yet have a PayPal account, please create one before trying to make a PayPal payment on our system.
I sent my payment to the PayPal address, why can't I get in? (Why hasn't credit shown up?)
Unfortunately when you do that, our billing system doesn't connect the payment to your account. In effect, you just put money in our account without anything else. You must use the billing system and follow the "Pay at PayPal" link.

Pay By Cash

PayByCash offers a wide variety of possible options Some methods are more quickly processed than others. As with Bibit, the possible methods depend on your country and will be presented to you when go through your WWIIOL:BE account pages and follow the Pay at PayByCash link.

Offline Payment Problems
The money was taken from my account, but I still can't play.
If it isn't just a normal delay, but your offline transaction with Playnet has not completed, your best recourse is to contact the issuer of your payment to Bibit. The issuer is the payment method you use to give your payment to Bibit; it may be your bank, a credit card, a money order company, etc. They should be able to trace the transaction with Bibit.
Trial Accounts
  • Trial accounts offer you free time to try the game.
  • They are intended only for new players.
  • Trials no longer require a credit card, but only one trial may be created with a single email address.
  • Trial accounts do not get full access to the forums.
Error Messages
When we receive the transaction result noaction.redirected from the use of our offline payment solutions, there are three possibilities why the transaction has not been resolved:
The payment attempt was not completed at the Payment company site. If you don't fully complete the necessary forms, no transaction will take place.
The payment transaction was completed but the Payment company has not received the actual payment, the check is waiting to clear, etc. The length of time it takes for a transaction to clear depends upon the method you use to pay the Payment company. For example, eChecks used with PayPal usually take a minimum of one week and often two full weeks to clear.
The payment was sent directly through the Payment company's site, skipping our account web pages. When paying for your account with an offline payment, it is vitally necessary that you go through all of the pages on our site that ultimately take you to a button that says "Pay at PayPal", "Pay at Bibit", or "Pay at PayByCash." That takes you to the payment site but it has the transaction and tracking information already. If you skip our pages, but make the payment directly by sending it directly to our PayPal payment address for example, we can receive the money, but without the information connecting it to your account. Resolving this possibility requires our accountant to search our transaction history for the payment, and this can take a few days.

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World War II Online is an online-only, massively multiplayer game that requires an active free or premium subscription to play. Playnet Inc. operates the game, billing and account services and offers a variety of subscription plans - some as low as $4.99 per month. To access Starter & Premium you must create a FREE PLAY account in order to register with our billing system.

 photo f2p-new-button.png  photo basic-button-new.png  photo premium-button-new.png
  • All plans are recurring and will auto-renew at terms noted in plan description unless modified by customer.
  • Higher tier accounts receive previous tier(s) access.
  • All "Easy Pay" plans come with a term commitment as noted in the plan description. Early termination is subject to penalty.
  • All prices are listed in U.S. dollars
  • All discounts and savings listed are based on non-plan rate of $17.99USD effective 8/30/12
  • Residents of Texas are subject to state tax of 8.25%

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