Combat Stats & Records Issue


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When the servers were brought back up on Thursday, there was an issue we did not notice immediately: information from new sorties started 'colliding' with information in older sorties resulting in bad sortie records, albeit to varying degrees.

We have fixed this issue going forward.  However, the stats between when the error first happened and now are problematic and filled with unreliable information.

All stats between the problem and the fix (approximately one day) are probably permanently lost.  We're going to make every effort to recreate what we can using the 'kills' logs, but we cannot promise this will work. The stats recorded before the issue began and those after todays fix (ie: the entire campaign minus the one day of issues) will not be affected once CS&R recompiles.

We regret this problem and will endeavor to revise our systems to prevent it occurring in the future.

CSR will be unavailable until we finish reprocessing stats.  They should be back up in the next 12 to 24 hours.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.