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UPDATE: Now complete! Thank you very much for your patience!

Some of you might have noticed recent issues with our databases and maintenance. We use multiple databases to record things and use that data. CSR is one example. Wiretap is another - it allows things like the lovely Lagus OKW Map Viewer to work. When this campaign started, something was wrong with the system that takes the actual game data and copies it to secondary databases where we can do things that are not necessarily critical without slamming the primary databases. Basically, the place Wiretap gets its data from was not in sync with the actual databases.

Tuesday, we took some extra time during our normal weekly maintenance (normally 15 minutes or less) to try to resolve the sync issue and found the problem. But the problem was not a short fix, so we restored the game while Ramp and KFS1 worked on the database syncing issue. Within 30-40 minutes, they found the culprit and figured out a solution. However, this solution will require the campaign server to be down again, for probably 20-30 minutes.

We didn't want to do that again today, so we've decided to do it on Wednesday. And to give our weekday AM CDT players a break, we are going to do this Wednesday at 3 PM US CDT / 8 PM GMT aka 9 PM British Summer Time (some would prefer I write that as: 15:00 CDT / 21:00 GMT). Expected down time: 20-30 minutes.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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