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Update: domain issues resolved.  You should be able to login without a problem now.

Unfortunately, some players are still experiencing the problem.  This appears to be due to delays inherent in propagation of domain addresses.  While the vast majority of players have access, some aren't able to get in.  We apologize for this.  It should resolve itself soon as the information propagates further.

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On Wednesday, January 27th, 2010, WWIIOL:Battleground Europe website and forum servers are being brought down for upgrading and maintenance. The down time will begin at 10am CST and is estimated to last for no more 7 hours. Database server updates are being undertaken for the website and forums in order to support the web infrastructure. During this time, the billing server will also be unavailable for account management and password recovery/changes.

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Update:  We resolved the last of the issues that fell out of our recent server and database upgrades.  Everything appears to be functionling normally, though we are still monitoring for anomalies.  Support staff is resolving the individual issues caught by these problems.

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