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We have had a long-standing issue with an odd assortment of devices preventing the joystick from being detected in game.  It generally involved a USB keyboard, of different makes, and a joystick, of different makes.  One keyboard that showed up more commonly than others was the Logitech G15, but not always.  We were unable to reproduce the problem with this keyboard. 

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An as yet unknown fault in our facilities center has caused an unscheduled outage of our Live Campaign Server, the machines are on their way back up and the game should be available for play again in shortly. We are looking into the cause at the moment.

Servers are now coming back online. We hope to be unlocking them in a few minutes.

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BLOOThe Training Server link appears to be inoperative for Firefox. We are investigating this now. In the meantime, please try accessing the Training Server by using Internet Explorer and visiting: .
Thank you for your patience.

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