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"The first massively multiplayer online war game" - Guinness World Records
v.1.37.4 released in July 2023 (readme)
In memory of our greatest generation
"The first massively multiplayer online war game" - Guinness World Records
v.1.37.4 released in July 2023 (readme)
In memory of our greatest generation

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Revitalization of the Strategic Component

Matt "Xoom" CallahanSince the beginning, WWII Online has had two game layers that work in tandem with each other, 1) The first-person shooter side of things, 2) the Strategic Layer: capturing facilities, towns, RDP/supply, and eventually moveable units. We're going to talk about how Playnet/CRS is going to get back to building the Strategic component back up, and how we've restructured the High Command and are actively rebuilding it to meet those goals. Finally, we want to shed light on the significance behind squad development and how we are now making the intentional effort to associate squads with brigades/divisions to enable top-down and bottom-up teamwork and cohesion to enhance the entire gaming experience for all. This is an important read, please dig into this and share it with your squad.

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Campaign 199 Updates & Start Date

Matt "Xoom" CallahanWe have some minor updates incoming to Campaign 199 which is part of a broader plan to help re-infuse the strategic component of WWII Online (we will provide more details on that before the new year). Here are some important things you need to know that this article covers:

1) Outlines the changes planned for Campaign 199. 2) Community pre-Campaign chat planned for Thursday, November 16th 2023 at 5PM PST (7PM Central, 8PM Eastern). 3) Campaign 199 starts Friday, November 17th 2023 at 5PM PST (7PM Central, 8PM Eastern). Please continue reading to learn more about those upcoming changes. We look forward to a strong Campaign and hope you will make an active effort to encourage players to come back as we prepare for a grand 200 campaigns of WWII Online, following this one!

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Readme: Version

Cornered RatsHappy Halloween WWII Online Community! Introducing Version which has been released today! It brings in the New HIGGINS BOAT which changes Naval invasions forever, by ferrying troops across the shore and deploying a Higgins Mobile Spawn (PPO) along enemy shorelines. It also includes a new Bailey Bridge and Pontoon Bridge to move vehicles and infantrymen across the water. We have new roadmap deliveries by creating new models for Unreal Engine, usable for WWII Online 1.0 (a couple of light guns). Brand new KILLER sounds for the Spitfire and BF-109/FW-190. Several new towns, props, and bug fixes. Have a read inside for more, thanks for your continued support!

Higgins Boat Introducing the Bailey Bridge PPO
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World War II Online is a Massively Multiplayer FPS, simulation game set in the Western Front of WWII and hosted on a huge single map. There is virtually no limit to the number of players that can join the battlefield and fight as infantry, tanker, pilot or captain!

BEWARE: WWII Online is a simulator, classified as a serious game with a mature community. You cannot play this game solo and cooperation between all online players is required to create action and achieve objectives. The game recommends at least [b]10 hours of practice[/b], sticking with game veterans or an active squad. Your game session should ideally last more than 1 hour since player-led operations require time and patience.

Reasons to play WWII Online

Free 30 Day Trial & Continued Access

Free Trial Account (NO CARD required)
Receive access to the WWII Online trial which offers you 30 days of full game access.

After the 30 day trial, you will then have continued free game access with a limited combined arms playset so you can continue to participate in battles. At no time will this equipment be nerfed or capable of performing according to historical properties.

At any time you can subscribe to a paid subscription and unlock more weapons and vehicles.

WWII Online is designed a subscription-based game, it is not your typical free to play micro-transaction game.

WWII Online Information

Physics Based PVP Combat

WWII Online offers a variety of weapons and vehicles to choose from in every combat scenario. Play as an infantryman, bomber, panzer tank or drop in as a paratrooper.

Combined arms combat can be found across the entire scope of our world at war.

More about Physics Based PVP Combat

Real Players - Real Time

Every single air craft, infantryman, tank, truck and naval vessel is a REAL person in REAL time operating the vehicle! You will embark on very challenging game play that is both exciting and compelling.

If you think you have what it takes to go against our players, sign up and show up. We guarantee that you'll be tested and become a better FPS player by mastering our game.

More about Real Players - Real Time

Combined Arms

Make history come to life or change it completely as WWII Online demonstrates the scale of combined arms warfare in a breathtaking gaming experience.

Choose to pilot fighters and bombers, command tanks, run supply or mission creation trucks, captain and crew naval vessels, or fight on the field and in the towns as an infantryman or paratrooper capturing enemy territory.

More about Combined Arms

One Server - On a MASSIVE Scale

WWII Online is a massive scale WAR going on 24/7 driven by players. There are absolutely no zones, you can fly your aircraft from one end of the map to the other without despawning.

Hundreds of players can end up in the same fight or supporting that battle in the Army, Air Force or Navy.

This scale and combined arms realism is the core that makes WWII Online stand out from everything else on the market.


More about WWII Online

All combat is alongside live players in the same zone-less 300,000 sq km game world where every vehicle or weapon is controlled by a real person.

You have the option to either join existing squads or create a new one with your friends. Create your own command structure and plan how you will conquer the enemy.

Do you have exceptional leadership qualities? Lead your side to victory as a High Command officer. Move forces to attack objectives or defend your territory.

Physics Based PVP Combat

Combat Realism

Realism is taken to a new level - This isn't another arcade-style WWII shooter! Our weapons and vehicles are modeled utilizing historical data after hundreds of hours of research.

The game's designers came to WWII Online from award-winning MMO combat flight simulation titles and have carried over a dedication to realism and simulation style game play whenever possible.


A proprietary physics engine powers an advanced, component-based damage model for vehicles that simulates the actual components found in WWII units. In addition, we accurately model armor thickness down to the millimeter and flight models for aircraft down to every surface and control for a true-to-life simulation. Even the ballistics are precisely and accurately modeled for each type of bullet or round in the game.

All of these elements provide realism, creating a skill-based simulation where players must learn to properly employ the weapons and equipment available.

The video seen below helps explain damage and ballistics modeling in the game and gives you a taste of the simulation style gaming experience in WWII Online.

Damage Model Explained

The below video was created with a previous version of the game's graphics engine and does not represent the current graphical presentation.

Real Players - Real Time

Massively Multiplayer (MMO)

All combat is alongside live players in the same game world where every vehicle or weapon is controlled by a real person. The game world is a single zone-less map set at half scale of the European Theater between 1939-1944. From this map, the game provides winnable campaigns that are completely player-controlled and non-scripted. Some campaigns have lasted for more than two months before a victor was decided.


We believe that, more than in any other MMO game, effective teamwork is a requirement for victory in WWII Online. Click a button below to learn more about an area of interest.

Allied Forces VS German Forces

At the top level, this MMO provides an Allied versus Axis conflict with American, British and French forces fighting against German forces for dominance in WWII Western Europe from 1939 through 1944.

Combined Arms

WWII Infantry, Tanks, Air Forces & Navy

WWII Online offers a huge variety of play! With over 100 historically accurate WWII vehicles and weapons modeled from the period between 1939 and 1944, you can compete for and against American, British, French and German forces.

Army Persona

The Army Persona allows you to play as an Infantryman, Tank, Anti-Tank or Anti-Aircraft gun, drive trucks, deploy mobile spawn points and create missions.

The backbone of your forces success is the Army persona while the Airforce and Navy provide much needed support to the war.

Airforce Persona

The Airforce Persona offers many different avenues of game play. Command bombers and support frontline efforts, or go on long factory bombing raids that impact the entire war effort.

Fly as an Ace fighter or dive bomber and maintain air superiority for your attack objectives!


Naval Persona

Our Naval game offers different types of missions. As a Destroyer you will engage the enemy on the high seas, or act as a shelling platform in the Zeeland islands.

As a freighter you will load, transport and deliver weapons and vehicles giving your team a tactical advantage.

WWII Online Press Kit

Playnet, Inc.

Playnet, Inc. was founded in April of 1999, and owns the rights and technologies of WWII Online, WWII Online: Chokepoint and Cornered Rat Software.

Playnet Leadership

Playnet, Inc. is owned and operated by Matt "Xoom" Callahan - who first started playing the game as a player back in 2002. He is responsible for the daily flow of business, which ranges from operations, strategic planning, legal and everything in between. He continues to play the game and stays close to the players, often championing their requests and concerns to the team. 

For business inquiries, please reach out to Matt directly on his LinkedIn as seen below.

Matt "Xoom" CallahanPresident and CEO

Cornered Rat Software

Cornered Rat Software is a team of game developers coming together from across the globe to develop and operate, "WWII Online," and, "WWII Online: Chokepoint."

 Our mission is simple: To provide an amazing service that is truly compelling and so memorable, you'll keep coming back for more! We like to do things a little differently around here, as you'll find us in our games and talking with our players very openly about our shared passion for our products. 

 CRS is the exclusive software developer for WWII Online, tasked with providing all services required to upkeep and improve the game. This includes; sales, marketing, distribution, game and web development, production, server infrastructure, maintenance, upgrades, community management and customer support.


Volunteer Programs

WWII Online thrives off of players stepping up and helping to do more, that is actually pretty core to our community relations. We have found that many of our best people come from within as they typically have an already existing strong grasp of not only the game but also the depth of our community and its core values. Below are some options for you to consider joining some of our volunteer programs directly serving the game's operations as either a technical or non-technical person.

Have questions, ready to help? E-mail jobs@corneredrats.com

Non-Technical Roles

If you're a regular player and would like to help the cause, here are a couple of programs that we have to offer.

High Command Officer

By being an HC officer you will facilitiate awesome game play for all players. You will lead players in battle and help formulate the strategy for your side. Each time you login to the game, you will be a leader for your entire side. You act as an ambassador for CRS to your side and act as an indirect extension of our team.


Marketing Team

Help the team by raising awareness of the game to others. You'll be on the frontlines engaging with people outside of our forums and helping the team with any important new initiatives. 

We have several positions available on the team!

We are currently looking for individuals with experience with Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Search Engine Optimization, and/or managing social media advertising. If you're interested in helping in this capacity, please send an email to marketing@corneredrats.com

We are also looking for individuals who have experience in corporate communication, social media community management, copywriting, or other creative roles in a marketing environment. If you can help out the team with these tasks, please send an email to marketing@corneredrats.com

Community Management Team

The Community Management team is in the trenches with the players helping to keep the playerbase connected with the development team so we can deliver on the fixes and features that make WWII Online perform well. Veteran players without technical experience, who know our community and what makes it tick are best suited for these roles.

  • Assistant Community Manager
    • Supports Community Manager
    • Assigned as liaision of Axis or Allied side
  • High Command Recruitment Officer
    • Actively works to boost HC strength
    • Oversees Officer Candidate School
  • Host Squad Coordinator
    • Coordinates with Squads to boost their numbers
    • Advocates for Squads internally
  • Training Corps
    • Creates training documentation
    • Creates and facilitate live training exercises on game servers
  • Forum Moderator
    • Enforces Terms of Service on forums
    • Assists with moderation / light administration functions

Technical Roles

You'll need anywhere from moderate to heavy technical skills here. Significant experience required for programming and system administration, be ready to show us what you've got. You may not have all of the skills listed but if you think you can contribute in some other way we'd really like to hear from you.

To apply to any of these roles, please e-mail your resume / experience / any relevant information about you.

Mail to: jobs@corneredrats.com


Ready for the ultimate programming challenge? Managing all of this code isn't for the faint of heart, even some of our most experienced people are challenged every day. You'll need to be proficient in C++ and be a strong self starter. On the programming team you will be working with the Host and Client depending where we need you. You'll start on an isolated task and work your way up proving your proficiency. There will be fun implementations and technical debt clean up. Consider joining this team with the knowledge there's lots to fix and it's not strictly "features."


Our operations team is responsible for keeping the servers online, backing things up and improving our network and infrastructure. AKA, kind of a big deal.

System Administrators

- Strong working knowledge of Debian Linux

- Strong skills in Perl scripting

- Familiarity with virtualization (Proxmox knowledge is a bonus)

- Working knowledge of BIND, postfix, apache, cron

- Familiarity with administrating LDAP

- Knowledge of Nagios is a plus


- Strong background in basic routing & switching

- Familiarity with firewall concepts, IP tables and security

- Thorough knowledge of Cisco IOS

- Familiarity with GNS a plus


If you're a web developer and/or like building tools to show campaign events / statistics, this is the place for you! Our Comm-Dev team provides community tools like WireTap, the Gazette, Combat Statistics, the WebMap and Squad Tools. They're actively working on many projects and increase the out of game enjoyment factor for our players.

Quality Assurance

If you know our game well and are ready to help put on a tester hat to diagnose issues, create a way to replicate and report them properly, we'd really like you to join our QA team. Technical skills do help but lack thereof is not necessarily a barrier to getting involved. Our QA team is an essential component of our game development process, as new changes brought in by developers need to be tested to verify they're working properly. When someone types a bug report, you are the first line of defense to isolate the issue and report it to our team.

Apply to the Quality Assurance team and fill out this questionnare.

Sound Engineer

We'd like to improve many of our sounds, whether it is the aircraft machine guns or the introduction of new equipment. If you have some sound engineer skills and enjoy war gaming, we're looking for you!

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