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Upgrade your out-of-game experience and follow or download these tools.


Game Monitor

WWII Online Game Monitor is a third-party external game monitoring utility for World War II Online. It provides access to a wide range of information about the game in a friendly and easy-to-navigate format. Designed for those who want to check out recent events without starting the game or for those who want to keep an eye on things while away from the action, it’s also useful for commanding officers who need real-time battlefield intelligence.

WWII Online Game Monitor - RDP Factories & Output
WWII Online Game Monitor - Map Battles
WWII Online Game Monitor - Recent Events
WWII Online Game Monitor - Supply Levels


See the current map state, combat actions and more on your browser.

WWII Online Webmap Preview
  • Pan & Zoom (click & hold move right/left/up/down, zoom in/out using the mouse wheel or the +/- buttons)

  • View Town Ownership (Layer)

  • View Brigade (BDE) Locations (Layer)

  • View 1 Hour Deathmaps (Layer)

  • View 24 Hour Deathmaps (Layer)

  • Hover Over a Town's Name to See a Larger Size

  • Click on an Attack Objective (AO) in the AO List to Pan & Zoom In on it

  • Click on a Town in the Town Ownership List to Pan & Zoom In on it

  • Click a Town to Show the Current Status of its Depots

  • Click on a Brigade Flag to Show all Brigades in that Town

  • Click a DeathSquare to Show how Many Kills have Happened there in the Past x Hours

  • View Previous Times with the Timeline

  • Use Cookies in Order to Remember Your Map Settings (Pan/Zoom/Window Placement)

  • Use the Town Search to Zoom & Pan In on it

  • View Research and Developement (RDP) Info

  • View RDP Graphs

  • Save Individual RDP Graphs as Images

  • View Weather Status

  • Supply Lines

  • Brigade Movement Info


WWII Online's WireTap service exposes dynamic battleground data from our Virtual Battlefield in a manner suitable for players wanting to integrate live game data into their own websites and tools.

Resources are provided encapsulated as either JavaScript, XML, JSON, or all three. This provides support for both AJAX (the XML encapsulation) and more standard scripting.

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