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Squads are the core of our community


  • Our players are hardcore history fans, who especially enjoy WWII.

  • Many of our players are original Day 1 (2001) players, but we're always gaining new players.

  • We have a mature community from all ages and backgrounds.

  • Players are located all around the world, but mostly in North America and Europe.

  • We run monthly global operations, not including side-based operations.

  • You can join a player run squad and play the game it was meant to be played: as a team.

  • Players are just as dedicated in-game as they are out of game watching campaign feeds.

  • The entire game is operated by players, through a system called High Command.

  • Long-lasting friendships have been forged.


The Squad Tools are meant to give Squad Officers the ability to manage their Squads from outside of the game and also gives them features that aren't currently available in game. The Squad Tools also allow Squad Members the ability to view information about their Squad or other Squads

Squad Tools


Both sides, in WWII Online, have player-run groups, known as the High Command (HC), responsible for strategic management of the side's forces. High Command players are volunteers and have a special avatar above their character name. You'll see them in-game with a [C] next to their name across chat programs.


HC players have abilities that are not available to the rest of the player base, and they have a direct impact in driving players on their side to battles.

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