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WWII Online News

Here's the latest news from the RATS. Read our current roadmap.

Converting Chokepoint to Unreal 5

Matt "Xoom" Callahan

We’re converting WWII Online: Chokepoint to Unreal Engine 5, plus we’ve got some new art to share! Please review this article and be sure "wishlist" the game so you can be notified through Steam on its release: Chokepoint Detailed Article / Update May 2022 (Click here).

Chokepoint steam store page - update about Unreal Engine 5 conversion

5/21/22: Configuring East Coast Server

Matt "Xoom" Callahan

As a reminder this Saturday (5/21/22 at 12PM Pacific, 2PM Central, 3PM Eastern, 7PM GMT) we are transitioning the WWII Online campaign server from Oregon --> New Jersey (all other colocation services will remain in Oregon). This means game services will be offline for several hours, and a lot of advanced work has gone into this to reduce that downtime. This change represents the very first time WWII Online has EVER been on the East Coast of the USA, and it also marks a monumental move forward in our ability to deploy services as needed throughout the world. 

All of our preliminary testing (including three stress tests with players) showed better connectivity, less lag / random ping spikes. This will act as a critical middle-ground for up to 90% of our players between North America and Europe. We anticipate European customers to have the very best connection they've ever had to our servers, and we've seen ping times drop quite a bit comparatively. From a gaming perspective, this will reduce players warping / rubber banding between these two continents because the time to travel to the server and for your client to receive updates are much more reasonable. This is a big deal! Please pass the word to fellow community members about what CRS is doing to improve your gaming experience. Thank you!

Matt "XOOM" Callahan
President and CEO
Playnet, Inc. / CRS

Axis WIN Campaign 187 - 188 starts Sunday


Axis WIN Campaign 187!

Congrats to Axis forces for winning Campaign 187.  It took 83 days but earlier today the Axis captured the 9th French factory giving them victory conditions.  S! and shout out to the Allied forces who after about a month were soooo close to winning this one but could not repel the Axis push westward.  Great battles and great fun among friends and enemies.  

Campaign 188 will start on Sunday, May 15th at 0700 server time.   

We did not want to go a whole weekend in Intermission so we are kicking off Campaign 188 early on Sunday.  New CinC's googs and bigwoody are submitting their new campaign brigade deployments now.  

It was long and hard slog so, rest and return on Sunday!

Server Outage Coming

The live server will be down for several (2-4) hours on Monday evening May 16th starting at 8:00 PM server time.  During this time we are making final back end preparations for our move to the east coast server.  The actual move will not take place on Monday but this work is critical to making that happen.  The Training server will be open for play during this time.

Our Recent Works

Recent and upcoming work developed for WWII Online.
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