Plans overview

World War II Online is an online-only, massively multiplayer game that requires an active account to play.

We are a 100% player-funded indie project: you can play for free with basic infantry and equipment, but a subscription will unlock more units and will allow us to release more- and faster upgrades! (click to see our current roadmap)
  • Sign up (no card required) and get a premium 14-day trial to try out everything WWII Online has to offer.
  • After the trial, you will be automatically converted to a perpetual Free Play account.
  • You will be able to upgrade your account any time to unlock more units and features.
  • You can freeze your subscription and keep free play access, without losing your game name or rank.

Special Note: “WWII Online: Chokepoint” is a new game now in development by CRS’s Second Division and upon release, access to both games will only require one WWII Online subscription, either as a Free Player or as a Premium subscriber. For early access to Chokepoint testing, you must become a Hero Builder.

Plans Overview

Free play

  • Max Rank 9 (2nd Lieutenant)
  • Capturing Strategic Points
  • Create missions
  • Create a squad
  • Deploying Player Placed Objects (incl. Mobile Spawns)
  • Joining a Strategic High Command - Max HC Rank 22 (Side Commander)
  • Infantries:
    • Bolt Riflemen
    • Reserve SMGs
    • Airborne Riflemen and SMGs
  • Light tanks (Reserve version)
    • PZ II-C
    • R35
    • Vickers
  • Medium tanks (Reserve version)
    • PZ IIIF
    • H39
    • A-13
  • Light AA
    • Flak30 (20 mm) 
    • Hotchkiss 25mm
  • Light AT guns
    • pak36 (37 mm)
    • SA mle 34 25mm FR/US
    • QF 2 pounder
  • Aircraft
    • BF-109E/1
    • Hawk 75
    • Hurricane MK 1
    • P-40B
  • Unarmed Trucks and haulers
  • Fairmile riverine ship
  • All new signups get a 2 week premium pass for free (no card required)


  • Max Rank 13 (Lt. Colonel)
  • All Standard Infantry Weapons
  • All Vehicles
  • All Anti-tank & Anit-aircraft Guns
  • All Armor
  • All Fighter Aircraft
  • All Bomber Aircraft
  • All Naval Ships

Hero Builder

  • In-game recognition tag
  • Forum recognition tag
  • Discord recognition tag
  • Beta access for upcoming game changes
  • Early Access to WWII Online: Chokepoint
  • VIP communication with developers
  • Exclusive in-game units:
    • NCO
    • Ammo bearer
    • Commando 


How do I update my billing method?

Step 1: Go to Playnet Account Pages HERE

Step 2: Insert your login information and click "login"

Step 3: At the top, click "SUBSCRIPTION"

Step 4: Select "I would like to update my billing method" 

Step 5: Fill in your new billing info

Step 6: Click "Save" new billing info


Become a Hero or Builder

After an overwhelming response from the community to open up more options to contribute to the success of WWII Online, we are now offering this option to do so.

Join the hundreds of veteran players who are currently supporting the development of World War II Online thanks to a Hero or Builder account!


Here's what's in store:

  • Access to the "Commando" Infantry Class
  • Access to the "NCO" Infantry Class
  • Access to the "Ammunition Bearer" Infantry Class
  • Early Access to "WWIIOL: Chokepoint" testing
  • FREE second towing account (special builder infantry classes listed above)
  • Ingame "Hammer" Icon
  • Discord "Builder" Role
  • Forum Rank (Title)
  • Forum Rank Avatar
  • Forum name receives first letter capitalized
  • Access to the "Builder" forum to chat with Devs / get early bird updates
Shows on all ingame units (Axis Infantry Shown)


Why become a Hero Builder?

Support the game you love to play and be awarded community recognition for doing so in and out of the game.

OTHER QUESTIONS: Send in a support ticket,

We are truly grateful for all of our community's support. This is a way as an existing subscriber you can "up the ante" and go the extra mile without the need to make a bulk payment.

We hope to see some more Heros in the game very soon! If you're ready to go, start here:


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