"The first massively multiplayer online war game" - Guinness World Records
v.1.36.9 released on 15 April 2021 (readme)
In memory of our greatest generation
"The first massively multiplayer online war game" - Guinness World Records
v.1.36.9 released on 15 April 2021 (readme)
In memory of our greatest generation

Reasons to play WWII Online

Free 30 Day Trial & Continued Access

Free Trial Account (NO CARD required)
Receive access to the WWII Online trial which offers you 30 days of full game access.

After the 30 day trial, you will then have continued free game access with a limited combined arms playset so you can continue to participate in battles. At no time will this equipment be nerfed or capable of performing according to historical properties.

At any time you can subscribe to a paid subscription and unlock more weapons and vehicles.

WWII Online is designed a subscription-based game, it is not your typical free to play micro-transaction game.

Our recent game updates

Here's some of what CRS has been adding to WWII Online as of late. Read our current roadmap.

Latest News

.Fallback Initiated

XOOMHey everyone, as we've been announcing through our communication channels the release of was a pretty tall order and some things snuck through requiring us to fallback to in an effort to regain stability over server and client performance. Worry not, we're going to take a short breather and then get right back to rolling out those features in smaller chunks so we can isolate features in a controlled manner. CRS always works to ensure we release solid updates and for a long time now things have been smooth. A lot has been learned and we appreciate your patience and understanding on all of this, and we apologize for its impact on you.

Campaign 182 will be restarted today at approximately 1:30PM Server Time (PST).


  1. Manually uninstall version (or any version of the game currently installed)
  2. Download version, downloads page here
  3. Install and standby for campaign launch

Steam downloads should be updating automatically. is Coming today!

XOOMToday at 4PM server time (PST) the Campaign server will be brought offline for the release of WWII Online Version (readme). Aarschot and Tienen will need to be disabled due to uncapturable AB's (we're working on a hotfix for that later). This means that the new Campaign will start tomorrow with the update in it. Be sure to review the readme and get familiar with everything coming in this patch because it's a MONSTER update, loaded with new features and fixes. Once again, thanks for your patience while CRS has been working literally around the clock to get this to you.

Join the Official Discord now and get connected with fellow community members. S!

20th Anniversary and Events


 June 6th, 2021 marks two decades since WWII Online launched. It’s been a remarkable twenty years and while a lot has changed, we couldn’t be happier about where we are, or where we’re heading. So, to celebrate our "Vigintennial" we’ve decided to host several "special events" leading up to our Anniversary weekend - you will NOT want to miss this! Read the article below for more details.

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Our Main Goals

Here's the progress on some of our main goals below. Check our WWII Online's Public Trello (2021 Roadmap), or read our latest roadmap announcement for full details of our plans.
Unit loadouts99%
M3 tank destroyer95%
Integrated voice communications90%
Wellington bomber70%

World@War Gazette (Full edition)

Meet Cornered Rat Software

Affectionately known as "The Rats", these awesome people develop World War II Online. Most of our team were community members (players) of the game first. You'll find us in all CAPS or see an interesting "Rat Icon" next to our names in game and in the forums talking with players. We like to stay close to our community and we're die hard WWII Online fanatics. Feel free to send us an e-mail, thanks for your support S!

Interested in volunteering to help development?
Several volunteer opportunities exist at CRS, ranging from Software Development (C++), 3D Modeling / Animation (3DS Max), System Administration (Cisco, Linux background), to Community Management, Customer Support and Marketing / Social Media. Click the link below to see how you can contribute to WWII Online's success!
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