The ultimate grand-scale campaign and FPS simulation of WWII in Europe, with a huge zone-less 24/7 persistent game world modeled at the 1/2 scale of Europe (300,000 SQ KM large) and holds up to 5000 simultaneous players engaged in hours-long combined arms battles. Includes a proprietary military-grade simulator with more than 200 play-able historically accurate weapons and an awesome community driven by player ran Squads.

Create an account now (no card required) and get access to a 30 day free trial offering all infantryman and a truck for transportation and mobile spawning. WWII Online is available for Desktop on PC and Mac only.

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Your support is needed WWIIOL Community!

We've officially launched the 2019 Funding Campaign for WWII Online, which is designed to provide the game with an entirely new server facility, built from the ground up with all new efficiency in terms of performance and power. It also means we'll be transferring WWIIOL from Dallas TX --> Portland OR, where CRS HQ is located. 

We'll also be renewing some critical game development software, and upgrade our SpeedTree server development kit to the latest version, allowing us to have enhanced graphics for terrain objects.There's a lot more, please check the funding campaign below for a video presentation and a detailed written explanation of what more is to follow.

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Free 30 day trial to Infantry & Trucks

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Receive access to the WWII Online trial which offers you 30 days of access to all infantry and trucks.

At anytime you can subscribe to a paid subscription and unlock more weapons and vehicles.

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Latest News

Operation Burning Skies

All pilots scramble!  Strap yourself in for this months Community event - Operation Burning Skies!

This Sunday, September 22, 11 am – 5 pm server time. In honor of XOOM and friends showcasing WWII Online at the Oregon International  Air Show – our forces too will battle for superiority in Operation Burning Skies. High Commands are on high alert to rally their forces to victory!

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Welcome Back Soldier (October 2019)


Attention soldiers, airman and sailors of WWII Online! Start preparing for "Welcome Back Soldier" which kicks off on October 1st and will last through the 15th. All veteran players (previous premium subscribers) will be reactivated. We're calling for everyone to help spread the word and get players interested, starting NOW. Veteran players returning will simply need to login, and that's it. We look forward to your participation and invite everyone to come back to WWII Online and check out what's new to the game. For any account assistance, contact us at

Readme: Version

Tonight's hot fix being released will focus on fixing two client crashes, an AWS issue and a couple of manuals got repaired. We'll also be adding some anti-griefing stuff and an automation to make mission creation a tad bit easier. Great for players, is the re-addition of the "Player Ping" information which has now been color coded for good - neutral - bad connectivity. We hope this feedback is used productively so you can make modifications on your end, such as getting off that WiFI / going hardline ethernet for best packet transmissions. Also new, you guys can change the color of green tags (new players) for the first time. Please keep reading for specific details.

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Our Main Goals

Here's the progress on some of our main goals below. Check our latest roadmap (here) for full details of our plans.
1.36 "Hybrid Supply"100%
64 Bit Development75%
Me109 G2 Jabo (Fighter Bomber)95%
Loadouts for Vehicles50%

Latest SoundCloud from the Lead Rat, "Xoom."

Our Recent Works

Here's some of what CRS has been doing for WWII Online as of late...

Meet Cornered Rat Software

Affectionately known as "The Rats", these awesome people develop World War II Online. Most of our team were community members (players) of the game first. You'll find us in all CAPS or see an interesting "Rat Icon" next to our names in game and in the forums talking with players. We like to stay close to our community and we're die hard WWII Online fanatics. Feel free to send us an e-mail, thanks for your support S!

Volunteer PHP Developer Wanted
We're looking to properly revive the World@War Gazette and need a solid PHP developer to help take some work forward. If you have some skills with PHP and are looking for some experience and to bring important home page news / recognition for individual players back to WWII Online, I'd like to hear from you! Submit an inquiry to with some details about your experience. You will need at least 10+ hours per week to contribute to the team. The Gazette's current status can be found here:
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