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Anything else,
is just a game.

Start playing WWII Online for free.

The Virtual Battlefield Does exist!

WWII Online isn't just another WW2 game—it's a massive, player-driven battlefield where your tactics and strategy shape the outcome of a global conflict. Dive into the action on a single server capable of holding thousands of players, hosting epic World War II battles. Join our dedicated community, form your squad, and experience the most immersive and authentic WWII combat simulation ever.


The Knights Cross was issued to Wazzed for eliminating enemy forces for his squad.

Daokoth1 was recognized for massacring several German tanks on June 4th, 2024.

Slamen scored over 1200 points on a single mission, excellent work!

Allied officials recognized "Yoav's" 6 Pounder ATG crew for unleashing hell on German forces.

Tieto was promoted to veteran panzer commander by wreaking havoc in a Panzer II C.

Bdi became the newest Allied ace while by destroying 5 enemy luftwaffe fighters.

Dontmove was seen on the frontlines fighting ferociously to hold back the ongoing German offensive.

Arriakas is welcomed back by CRS as our newest Hero Builder as of May 27th, 2024.



Things you can do in WWII Online

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Guinness World Records Logo

Largest playable area in a shooter videogame

First MMO first-person shooter (FPS) videogame

First massively multiplayer online war game

One server, on a massive scale.

WWII Online is a massive scale WAR going on 24/7 driven by players, all on a single worldwide game server. There are absolutely no zones, you can fly your aircraft from one end of the map to the other without despawning.

Hundreds of players can end up in the same fight or supporting that battle in the Army, Air Force or Navy.

This scale and combined arms realism is the core that makes WWII Online stand out from everything else on the market.

WWII Online's game map compared to others


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Unlock all vehicles (air, land and sea)

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Unlock special vehicle decal customizations

Earn maximum in-game rank for your avatar

And a whole lot more!

WWII Online is 100% player funded. All subscriptions go to support our development studio and upkeep of server costs. Help us develop WWII Online's future and become a subscriber today!

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