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WWII Online News

Here's the latest news from the RATS. Read our current roadmap.

M3 Halftrack - Coming Soon!

Matt "Xoom" CallahanThe M3 Halftrack is receiving its final touches from the Production team and today we wanted to share with you some additional screenshots, mainly from the internal (crew member) perspective. Continue reading for some more information how armored personnel carriers will be introduced, their affect on game play and see the current work in progress views. Thanks for your continued subscriptions making efforts like these possible. S!

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Community Report - 09/14/21


 Talkin' with Tex

Great googleyboogley has this week flown by fast!!  The only thing missing from the Internet Soap Opera WWIIOL is a love triangle between the country club tennis pro, the game server, and an ISP . . .  Thankfully we've not received a .report on THAT!!

Campaign Update - #184

As of this writing on my Underwood Model 5 typewriter, the map currently rests at 23% Allies & 77% Axis (Day 26).  The Axis rapid push westward has slowed as some very tough and dedicated Allied warriors have dug in with the recent reinforcements from the Americans as Tier 3 entered the campaign.  Such sharp clashes bring forth strong emotions as each side competes. You know you are playing WWIIOL right when you get so fired up after being killed that you are tempted to spike your headset (I said TEMPTED!) and you know the needle is deep into you as you drive to work and you duck lower behind the steering wheel as you see a low flying aircraft instantly thinking that it's a Stuka or DB-7.  The pure joy, anger, and fatigue of our game.

Hang in there, rally your friends, and enjoy the "Best Virtual Bar - 20 years running"!

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Special Event: OPERATION DYNAMO 19 Sep, 2021

Cornered Rat SoftwareThe chance for YOU to rewrite history will be the next World War II Online Special Event: OPERATION DYNAMO. Join the Axis in an attempt to rout the British Expeditionary Forces at Dunkirk before they can evacuate. Join the Allies and hold out as long as possible to allow your countrymen passage back to the British Isles to fight another day. Better yet, flip the script completely and launch a massive counterattack to breakout of Dunkirk! The special event will be held on September 19th at 11:00 a.m. server time/U.S. Pacific Time. 

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Meet the team

Affectionately known as "The Rats", these awesome people develop World War II Online. You will find us playing the games that we build right alongside our players. We are up to big things, developing the future generation of our game and working on an all-new installment called, “WWII Online: Chokepoint.” Click our Press Kit below to learn more about our company, history and how WWII Online is evolving. See you in-game!

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