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New Rat Gear & Vehicle Decal

Official RAT GEAR - Approved by Cornered Rat Software!We've put together a brand new online store front so you can purchase official "RAT GEAR" and own a piece of WWII Online merchandise! This is hosted by Redbubble and offers shirts, cup holders, mugs, mouse pads, laptop covers and a whole bunch of other really cool items. Good news is it offers international shipping as well. These items are available for production and purchase right away. Sport our awesome game in style and start some awesome discussions, who knows... maybe you'll end up recruiting some people?

We also have a brand new player decal available now in-game (yeah we snuck that in a patch) and have connected it to every account who has paid in 2021 so far. We're pretty proud of it, CHIMM put together this concept and together we collaborated on it to make it one of the coolest decals we've had in a long time. Please continue reading to learn more about both of these topics within, including a screen shot of the new decal and instructions on how to make it show up on your vehicle.

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Community Report - 09/21/21


 Talkin' with Tex

Wow!! This week has been dy-no-mite (no offense, Jimmie "J.J." Walker) with hard battles, desperate defenses and attacks that culminated with OPERATION DYNAMO on Sunday, September 19, 2021.  It was the battle that DID save Dunkirk and the Allied Forces as they slugged their way to a hard-fought victory.  Battles on air, ground, and sea raged in the Theatre of Dynamo in the round along the coastal shores and countryside of France and Belgium; not to mention the English Channel.  Hordes of infantry and tanks, swarms of aircraft, squadrons of destroyers, trawlers, and even freighters!  No one does combat like WWIIOL so it was intense for the three hours of gameplay.  At the end, both sides gathered together on Discord as XOOM did a quick ad hoc roundtable to gather player feedback.  There was some very good feedback given and if you would like to add your 'two cents' continue to let us know.  Special thanks to WESTY91 for the planning of the event, kudos to the event commanders JWRONA and KMS, and, of course, the hat tip to the GM Team as OHM and TMAN performed their special magic in setting up the scenario map, equipment tiers, and forward bases for both sides.  We cannot fail to mention the efforts of the Marketing Team with IMBRUTUS' promo video and the always spectacular photos by PROPA in the run-up to the event.

With the Allied victory, a future event will be "The Weygand Plan".  The Community Management Team is striving to plan various historical or what-if scenarios based upon the victor of each special event.  Our intent is to continue to pursue history while having a good battle whenever we can.  smile


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M3 Halftrack - Coming Soon!

Matt "Xoom" CallahanThe M3 Halftrack is receiving its final touches from the Production team and today we wanted to share with you some additional screenshots, mainly from the internal (crew member) perspective. Continue reading for some more information how armored personnel carriers will be introduced, their affect on game play and see the current work in progress views. Thanks for your continued subscriptions making efforts like these possible. S!

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New Online Store

Get Official WWII Online Gear - Approved by Cornered Rat Software! Hosted by Redbubble, international shipping is available. All proceeds help support the project and you get to look great sporting your favorite game!

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