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Tanks, Planes, Infantry, Campaign style game play, Fight to control Europe. Massive scale.
Infantry only Tactical First Person Shooter, Built-in Voice, Battle over Chokepoints. Powered by UE4.


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Largest playable area in a shooter videogame

First MMO first-person shooter (FPS) videogame

First massively multiplayer online war game

WWII Online News

Here's the latest news from the RATS. Read our current roadmap.

2023 Roadmap for WWII Online

Matt "Xoom" Callahan

Our plans are shifting full force to innovation and bringing WWII Online into the modern age. This is the moment you've all been waiting for and asking us to capitalize on! This roadmap will demonstrate updated workflows to bring us the latest graphics as we pursue Unreal, while simultaneously providing visual upgrades to WWII Online 1.0. We're going to show you demonstrable progress including the game world conversion status as well, including the first work-in-progress shots showing part of our game world in the Unreal Engine. We also have tremendous news for squads and how the player base will be able to drive gameplay. 

Please enjoy this jam-packed roadmap plan which helps set the tone and expectations for our overall direction of WWII Online. As always, thanks for being subscribed and providing the fuel for Playnet/CRS to achieve these goals.

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Readme: Version (Hotfix)

Cornered Rat SoftwareHappy New Year soldiers! This hotfix is aimed at smoothing out integrated voice comms some more. We have plans to add TARGET voice chat and more features soon. Please continue to use IVC and standby for more updates on this. Thanks for your support!

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WWII Online's 2022 Year in Review

Matt "Xoom" Callahan

As this year comes to a close, we wanted to take this opportunity to look at many accomplishments and achievements around here. It goes without saying that the WWII Online community’s continued participation in playing, subscribing, and advocating this game to others is essential in enabling our continuation and growth. To that end, we thank you sincerely, for providing the RATS this opportunity. Please continue reading and share your commentary within. S!

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Our Recent Works

Recent and upcoming work developed for WWII Online.
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