The largest 24/7 persistent game world modeled at the 1/2 scale of Europe (300,000 SQ KM large) and holding up to 5000 simultaneous players engaged in hours-long attrition battles.
An awesome community, driven by player-ran Squads.
A proprietary military-grade simulator with more than 200 authentic air/land/sea weapons.

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Free 30 Day Trial & Continued Access

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Receive access to the WWII Online trial which offers you 30 days of full game access.

After the 30 day trial, you will then have continued free game access with a limited combined arms playset so you can continue to participate in battles. At no time will this equipment be nerfed or capable of performing according to historical properties.

At any time you can subscribe to a paid subscription and unlock more weapons and vehicles.

WWII Online is designed a subscription-based game, it is not your typical free to play micro-transaction game.

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Latest News

Steam "Labor of Love" Award - Vote!

Quincannon: Hey everyone! I just saw that nominations for this year's Steam awards are up. One category this year is the Labor of Love Award for games that are still being developed and receiving updates from the Devs well after release. If any category fits WWII Online, this is it. No Dev team has ever worked as hard or as long as the rats. So if you're on Steam PLEASE nominate WWII Online for this award! It can only help our community and game pop!

Click the below picture go to www.wwiionline.com/steam.

Labor of Love - Award Description: "This game has been out for a while. The team is well past the first unveiling of their creative baby, but being the good parents they are, these devs continue to nurture and support their creation. This game, to this day, is still getting new content after all these years."

Campaign 170 BEGINS!!!

Attention all soldiers, airmen and sailors! An all new WWII Online Campaign (#170) has just started and you’ve been ordered to report to your commander for duty! The Tier consolidation plan has been completed, which will get your more equipment into the war faster while maintaining balance. This is the first Campaign since recently reactivating Free Play and we see a continued rise in population for both Free Players and Premium users. We’re asking everyone to get into game with a renewed sense of purpose and refreshment. We’re also asking for you all to make a point to get on official WWII Online Discord servers (voice communications), which can be found at www.wwiionline.com/discord. 

Meanwhile the RATS are continuing the big move from Dallas to Portland, among several essential development items like 64-bit implementation and the UI redo. We also have some great production work underway. See you in the field troopers - SALUTE!

WWII Online’s Portland Move (Update)

XOOMThe move to Portland is well underway with servers being configured here locally, our new colocation (server housing facility) established and our new internet service and cross-connect pulled to our cabinet and ready to go. We have a couple of very basic pictures to show you today as installation of network and server equipment approaches quickly. This has been made possible thanks to all of those who participated in the recent fundraiser initiative, and to that end I’d like to thank you and share this update to show your contributions being put to work. All of us at Cornered Rat Software would like to wish you and your families a very Happy Thanksgiving.

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Our Main Goals

Here's the progress on some of our main goals below. Check our latest roadmap (here) for full details of our plans.
1.36 "Hybrid Supply"100%
64 Bit Development90%
Me109 G2 Jabo (Fighter Bomber)95%
Loadouts for Vehicles75%

Latest SoundCloud from the Lead Rat, "Xoom."

Meet Cornered Rat Software

Affectionately known as "The Rats", these awesome people develop World War II Online. Most of our team were community members (players) of the game first. You'll find us in all CAPS or see an interesting "Rat Icon" next to our names in game and in the forums talking with players. We like to stay close to our community and we're die hard WWII Online fanatics. Feel free to send us an e-mail, thanks for your support S!

Volunteer Social Media Guru - Wanted!
If you enjoy communicating with players about WWII Online and are familiar with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit, we'd like to hear from you! The Social Media Specialist will craft and schedule entertaining and informative posts, engage with players directly and act as a feedback link to the developers about customer ideas and support needs. If this sounds like you, click below - we'd like to hear from you!
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