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Matt "Xoom" Callahan

BMBM and Mkw are working on the artwork of the Wellington, turning the proverbial wrenches to get the construction solid and updating the textures, polys and everything in between. Today we'd like to show you a bit more of the exterior and continue to mention that this vehicle is a high priority item for CRS to get completed along with the Ju88 for the German forces (which needs a flight model next). The Production team at CRS is finalizing some bits and pieces for a pretty significant release coming soon (sorry, had to do it) focusing on implementing Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs). Reminder: All of your subscriptions to WWII Online go to support developments like these and keep services operation, please consider subscribing for only $9.99 at

Now let's hop right into the Wellington update so you can see what's going on!

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Matt "Xoom" CallahanThe M3 Halftrack is receiving its final touches from the Production team and today we wanted to share with you some additional screenshots, mainly from the internal (crew member) perspective. Continue reading for some more information how armored personnel carriers will be introduced, their affect on game play and see the current work in progress views. Thanks for your continued subscriptions making efforts like these possible. S!

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Matt "Xoom" CallahanAchtung Soldaten! Your improved 251 Halftrack is coming to WWII Online soon and it will include a Pak36 mounted towards the front with an MG34 covering the rear. This will be part of our Armored Personnel Carrier deployment set and will compliment the existing 251 with efficient support. We've updated the MG34 artwork to use the typical infantryman MG34 and the three top crew members have been improved upon. Please continue into the article to see the work in progress photos! WWII Online subscriptions make developments like these possible, please consider subscribing to support CRS develop the game:

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Matt "Xoom" CallahanSince we announced our intention to move WWII Online over to the Unreal Engine (aka: WWII Online 2.0) in the "Future of WWII Online" article, CRS has been working behind the scenes to address our initial milestones to help make that possible. Today we wanted to focus on Vehicle Conversions, which is one of our first major objectives to accomplish. Continue reading for a work in progress screenshot and some additional commentary. 

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