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Matt "Xoom" Callahan

It's that time when the wonderful Roadmap is presented! It's a bit longer because there are lots to say we recommend checking out the video within. This roadmap showcases all of the upcoming plans we have underway, addresses some existing priorities that are being worked on, and helps lay out a course that focuses greatly on enhancing "gameplay" with a fair dose of content being added. This roadmap also offers a survey that enables every player to have a serious vote in the top three priorities for Production & Development plans - your feedback matters! (See the full article for the survey)

Show your support for these efforts and subscribe to the game at HTTP:// Please continue reading for the full battle plan - it's an exciting year ahead!

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Matt "Xoom" Callahan

Paratroopers are getting a massive boost in WWII Online! Introducing three new classes, all-new ammo canisters with exceptional range and a very noticeable 30% increase in parachute turn speeds so you can land where you want. Please enjoy this incoming un-announced feature set which will help bolster airborne operations and paratrooper capabilities across the entire theater of WWII Online! Pictures and announcement video within.

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Matt "Xoom" Callahan

Wing2 of Playnet/CRS has been actively working on WWII Online: Chokepoint and have recently introduced a new feature we'll be showcasing today which focuses on Character Customization - which also allows for some basic load out modifications. We have worked to prioritize this as we explore new ways to add depth to the future of WWII Online and consider new monetization paths. As it stands we intend to release character customizing to paid subscribers only as a perk for supporting our project(s) and infrastructure. As a reminder, we plan to allow for a single WWII Online subscription to access both products (2 for 1) simultaneously. Continue on to see the current work in progress screen shots and a first look at the new Opel Blitz for Chokepoint!

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