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23rd anniversary events!!!

Updated: Jun 10

Yesterday, as the world commemorated the 80th Anniversary of D-Day, our community enjoyed some excitement as the team from Cornered Rat Software infiltrated the server to celebrate our 23rd Anniversary! Many thanks for the Anniversary greetings.

Happy 23rd anniversary from WWII Online post card, located in Dinant.

23rd anniversary of WWII Online post card from the town of, "Dam."
Cathedral post card from WWII Online.

The excitement continues...

Join us tomorrow, June 8th, at 9:30 AM Pacific (Server) Time for the "King of the Hill" Event!

Do you possess the skills needed to hold the mountain top in the Alps? Imagine both teams having air support. Discover the answer tomorrow... and what the H*** is that ENORMOUS object lurking around the mountainside?! Join us on the TRAINING SERVER! Pre battle coms in our Discord "XOOM's Office" chat room.

An unconfirmed special object used by CRS to facilitate new events.

Sunday, June 9th, at 12:00 PM Pacific (Server)Time get ready to start your engines for "The Great Mercedes Race" Event on the TRAINING SERVER!

WWII Online's 23rd anniversary special event race!

Come along this Sunday for a scenic drive on the iconic Autobahn and put your driving abilities to the test! Start/Finish lines will be revealed in the Discord "XOOM's Office" chat room prior to the race.

Thank you for an amazing 23 years of WWII Online!


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