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A Long Overdue map change!

Campaign 202 will have a change to the front line!

For as long as anyone can remember the front line has been in this position.

Since May 2016 146 towns have been added to the campaign map. That is a lot of towns! With all these towns added though out the map we now can adjust the starting line in the south east.

The old start line was Virton, Arlon, Esch, Lux, Remich, Merzig to Saarlous.

The new start line will go more south from Virton, Longuyon, Spincourt, Etain to Fresnes.

We are now following the Meuse River.

This will make the fight in south part of the map more important in the beginning of the campaign start. Two towns are now key. Axis must try and buffer Etain while the Allies will try and keep Verdun.

With this line the town count for each side is now equal. Now we can have Forward Base’s for both sides at the campaign start. They will be configured randomly threw out the map.

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Mar 09

Pretty Good! Kamp had a good point. I do miss the intermission events


This is pretty good! But i think the playerbase will also love bringing back intermission events and if you can get bluedrake42 to play one of those events for example than that will be a good advertisment for the game and will maybe bring some more players in


I like this change, keep up. I am looking forward to some UI revamp as well with more dynamic informational messages which is helpful to new players.


This is one solution to evening the town count and helping make the campaign map a little fresher but I'd be remiss if i didnt take this opportunity to suggest a return of intermission scenarios. We used to have intermission events for things like battle of the bulge, bridge at remagen, dunkirk, etc. This would be a great way to feature parts of the map that dont get played as often (north holland for example). Looking forward to seeing how this shakes up the start of the campaign too, gonna be interesting and fun to see.

Replying to

Yes, with limited supplies!


Feb 22
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Throughout* :)

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