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Axis won Campaign 202!

Updated: Jun 22

Campaign 202 lasted 75 days. During that time, we saw the Allies push all the way to the Axis factories, after which the Axis held for a few days before pushing the line back west.

Throughout this period, we witnessed many great battles.

For the intermission, we have turned off the Proximity AOs. This will allow High Command to place and remove AOs as needed.

All equipment is available for everyone to use.

Campaign 203 will start on Sunday morning, June 23rd, 2024, at 7AM Server Time (Pacific).

Time zone breakdown for Campaign start:

  • 7AM Pacific

  • 9AM Central

  • 10AM Eastern

  • 3PM GMT

WWII Online's frontlines looked a little something like this, but no, this is not actual game art.
We had some fun with AI to depict Campaign 202's explosiveness. (Not actual game footage)

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