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Campaign 203 has started!

After a few days off from the campaign battle, we conducted a small test session during intermission by turning off Prox AOs to see if High Command-placed AOs still functioned.

They indeed do, so we have decided to proceed with Campaign 203 using High Command-placed AOs. This may change during the course of this Campaign, but we'd like to get some additional data to evaluate if this reduces downtime between transitioning AOs.

We have a change in High Command leadership for this campaign. Calwood will assume the role of Commander of the Allied Forces.

We would like to express our gratitude to Mcafeed and Gazoo for their leadership during their tenure's as CinC S!

For this campaign, the Free Play add-on equipment includes:

  1. Landing Craft

  2. Trawler

WWII Online Newspaper showing Campaign 203 started!
WAR has erupted in Europe, and WWII Online has officially started Campaign 203!

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