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Early ADditions: How to get your hands on a Panther, Hellcat, or Valentine

It’s not only possible, it's bloody likely.

You can observe and interact with multiple iterations of alphas, upcoming features, new/improved equipment, and maybe even see some behind-the-scenes 2.0 stuff. Did I mention some cool tools to help you and others test and implement assets and features into WWII Online?

This is an important year for WWII Online as we are working hard at Rat HQ but to match this productivity, we need more manpower on our QA Team to meet our 2024 goals and beyond. We must expand our QA capacity to verify upcoming and future updates as we deliver them to the gaming community.

Do you want to accelerate growth in WWII Online? Your efforts as a QA team member have a DIRECT correlation with what our community gets to experience in 2024 and beyond.

What is “QA”?

At the start of a projected release, it is experimental testing and as the team progresses toward a release client, the role changes to independent validation and verification. In the words of OLDZEKE, QA Team Lead, “We are far more involved (than just testing) in that we need to often be the first step in a bug fix by finding a reliable replication method.”

Are you internationally based?

We have an international player base and it is reflected in our QA Team as we have US and European-based testers, but we could always use more.

Are you thinking of volunteering?

You can experience it firsthand, but it depends on you and a little electronic sweat equity. You don’t have to be uber-smart, uber-skilled, or even own a super-computer. If willing, we will train you from scratch if needed.

So, what do you have to do to get all these "goodies"?

Ask yourself this question . . . do you have the desire, aptitude (attention to detail), willingness to test, and follow testing directions plus time throughout the week to do testing?

General expectations:

  • Able to communicate in English verbally and in writing (you do not have to be fluent, but it helps)

  • You have to show up and help your team. Sometimes you’ll work alone, other times in a group.

  • Basic knowledge of WWII Online gameplay and the various types of equipment

  • Joystick/Game controller to test drive/pilot all sorts of equipment

  • Ability to capture short clips of testing footage using free capture software (OBS?)

Specific expectations:

  • Basic knowledge of finding files on your computer.

  • QA testing can involve a week or more of nothing to test followed by a week where availability to test is critical.

  • Being a part of our team means we need you to be able to put in the needed time during an alpha test cycle. (EX: AVERAGE size new town takes 1-hour minimum to check depots, AI, ABs, and FBs.


Send an email to, subject line: VOLUNTEER.

We need your game nick and would like to know a little about you, your history in the community (if any), your present interest in WWII Online, and why you would be a good candidate to join our team.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Cornered Rat Software

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