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Hybrid AO System: The best of both Worlds

Since we introduced Proximity AOs (or Attack Objectives), players have requested that we consider a Hybrid AO system that allows for both player placed (Proximity) AOs and High Command placed AOs. We're here to let you know that we have a first-pass implementation ready to try on the live campaign server and will incorporate it sometime this week before the weekend.

An AI generated explosion within europe during WW2.


In short, proximity AOs allow for the placement of objectives simply by being in the range of a target, leveraging the "Infantry EWS" (or Early Warning System) mechanic, so any player group consistent of at least 4 (infantry, trucks, guns, etc) can receive their AO without High Command involvement.


High Command is a player-driven organization consisting of volunteer officers who help with the overall strategic planning and execution of the campaign in WWII Online. They help facilitate organized gameplay and rally players, squads, and officers to either attack, defend, or maneuver supply that is in the best interest of their community.

They are equipped with tools that allow them to initiate an Attack Objective without the requirements of players triggering EWS as mentioned in Proximity AOs. This allows for greater planning, organization, and preparation to maintain the element of surprise.


The terminology of "Hybrid AO's" is synonymous with "Hybrid Supply" within the WWII Online community. In short, it is the combination of these two systems (Prox AO's and HC AO's) being utilized simultaneously with each other, giving everyone the best of both worlds.


Both systems will be activated and running in parallel together, with the number of Attack Objectives still being decided by the lower population thresholds. This also means that any combination can be made based on the number of AOs available.

For example: If you have 2 AOs available, you can achieve any combination:

  • 1 Proximity AO, 1 HC AO

  • 2 Proximity AOs, 0 HC AO

  • 2 HC AOs, 0 Proximity

We do not plan to make a minimum of 2 AOs available at any given time, as we want to avoid destabilizing time zone 3. 1 AO minimum will remain, and +more after thresholds met.

Proximity AOs are placed by players meeting the Heavy Infantry EWS criteria that you are familiar with, and withdrawn either by the threshold(s) of heavy infantry EWS not being met -or- a High Command officer withdrawing the AO.

High Command placed AOs are placed by HC officers (and Lt. Colonels with HC rights), and will remain until either the objective is taken or an HC officer withdraws the AO via their toolset (.clear).


CRS reserves the right at anytime to withdraw the Hybrid AO system if unforseen issues arise and we need to stabilize game play. We will then make modifications on the server, restart it, and revert back to HC placed AOs.

We would then analyze any issues and work to resolve them for another test run at an undetermined date. This is a fail-safe disclaimer, not a desired result.


As we recently reintroduced HC AOs we wanted to re-evaluate the pro's and con's of both Proximity and HC placed AOs to try and find the best of both world's. CRS is continuing to keep our ears to the ground and listen to the community and also observe where we can make improvements.

Our key goals / hopeful outcomes include:

  • Increased server population.

  • Decrease downtime transitioning between battles.

  • Enabling better coordination between squads, HC and players.

  • Giving HC a viable purpose to improve the strategic game.

  • Giving the players the dynamic ability to produce their own outcome(s).

  • Providing a fail-safe if no HC is online to continue game operations smoothly.

We'd like to thank all of our community members for their support and feedback to help us to get this point. The community team(s) unanimously have approved that this is the best route forward and the next step to getting key data that gets us closer to the finish line.

Fyi: The Training Server is configured right now with these abilities however their times are accelerated and do not accurately reflect what the campaign settings will be.

Let us know if you have any additional questions or thoughts! S!

Do you support Hybrid AOs?

  • Yes - Hybrid AOs are the answer!

  • No - stick with HC only AOs.

  • No - stick with Proximity only AOs.

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Maik 2016
Maik 2016
Jul 10

If there is a two AO limit, there should be max. one prox AO and it shouldn't be able to be taken down by HC then.

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