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Internal Chokepoint Testing Started

On behalf of our team at CRS, I am happy to report that we have deployed a new internal (staff only) test server with the latest Unreal Engine 5 version of Chokepoint, and we are in very early internal testing on Chokepoint in its current state.

We have also created new tools which allows us to deploy a personal game client and server that we can connect to for enhanced localized testing which will further accelerate the game development process.

All of this represents a monumental step forward.

What's next?

We remain in the post-conversion (UE4 -> UE5) cleanup phase. Our focus is on making sure infantry controls, animations and base functionality are as tight as can be.

Once we have reached the point where we feel Chokepoint is ready, we will begin to schedule playtests that bring Steam key holders into the fold to assist with pointing out areas that need to be improved by using a bug reporting system as similar to what WWII Online uses. In fact, we have created a nice "easy button" for our testers within the game UI that is clickable, as seen in the video(s) below.

This bug report button has also been made part of the ingame menu screen, so while players are actively playing, they can simply click "Escape" to access the menu, click the button, and it will automatically redirect them to our bug reporter.

Work on WWII Online: Chokepoint continues, made possible only by you the players subscribing and supporting what we are doing. To that end I want to say thank you, it really is making the difference and I hope to see you encourage others to step up and join us as everyone will benefit in and out of game from their participation.

Reminder: Chokepoint's infantry assets are a direct reflection of innovation on all fronts, most notably WWII Online 2.0. Therefore, the work being done has a double benefit to help get us moving forward now to achieve our future goals.


Activate your subscription by going to Your efforts make the difference soldier, do your part!

Please comment below and let us know what you think!

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