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Quad AA Gun - Briefing

Before the Quad AA guns make their debut in WWII Online, we wanted to take some time to help set expectations and prepare you in detail for what is coming. A lot of hard work has been put into these guns, and we hope you enjoy - thank you! Questions or comments are welcome, please comment below.


Game Management will be responsible for the overall supply levels and distribution of that information through the master supply sheet. These may be modified overtime based on actual battlefield impact and experiences and will reflect initial production roll-out and supply ramp up through the war.

Next, we'll discuss Tier introduction timeline for the quad mount AA guns:

Tier 1

The FlaKvierling was in production, albeit in low numbers, and on the battlefield starting in 1940. So, while it's availability will be considerably less than later in the war, this platform will be available from the get-go.

FlaKvierling coming soon to WWII Online!
The FlaKvierling towable Quad AA platform, from the front.
Flakvierling gun data.

Tier 3

The production of the Polsten 20mm cannon began in 1944. The Polsten was a simplified and more cost-effective version of the Swiss Oerlikon 20mm cannon, designed to be easier and cheaper to manufacture while retaining similar performance. This made it a valuable anti-aircraft and ground support weapon for Allied forces during the later stages of World War II. This is also the time frame for when the quad mount was produced.

While it was late to the stage in terms of the timeline, it was no slouch in numbers produced. While finding a verified exact number is quite difficult to find, every source agrees that several thousand units were produced in 1944. So in an effort to help keep things balanced upon it's arrival, it's availability numbers will match those of the FlaKvierling.

Polsten Quad AA is coming to WWII Online very soon!
Staring down the barrel of the upcoming Polsten Quad AA Gun.
Polsten gun data.

Tier 3

The M45 began production in early 1943, but since the United States doesn't enter the game timeline until 1944 on D-Day, the M45 will only be available during that time. Why don't the French get the M45 under the lend lease program? France did not use the M45 during World War II. France had its own arsenal of weapons during World War II, and while it did receive military aid from the United States and other Allied nations, including various types of weaponry, there is no record of France employing the M45 during the war. France utilized a range of artillery, anti-aircraft guns, and other weapons in its defense against Axis forces, but the M45 'Meat Chopper' was not among them.

The same goes for the M45 here as it was with the Polsten; while finding a verified exact number is quite difficult to find, every source agrees that several thousand units were produced in 1944. So, in an effort to help keep things balanced upon its arrival, it's availability numbers will match those of the FlaKvierling.

The M45 is close to completion and coming to WWII Online soon!
US M45 Quad AA Gun, the "Meat Chopper," coming to WWII Online soon.
M45 gun data.

Weapon platform configurations:

Both the FlaKvierling 38 and the Polsten Quad 20mm have a total combined rate of fire at 1800 rounds per minute. The M45 has a total combined rate of fire at 2200 rounds per minute. The ammo loadouts for the FlaKvierling and Polsten are equal at 720 rounds total.

The FlaKvierling was only ever produced with 20 round magazines, so it has the ammo it spawns in with plus 8 reloads (8+1 for easy reference).

The Polsten, when first designed had a 30 round box magazine, when production was ramped up it was upgraded to 60 round drum magazines which are the magazines we have modeled in game. This was also the most common configuration of this platform. In the case of reloads, it is 2+1, 2 reloads plus the ammo in the gun on spawn.

The M45, when production started in 1943, it had 100 round box magazines. By 1944 this configuration became very uncommon and was replaced with 200 round box magazines (Tombstones). This is also reflected on the 3D model in game. So, in the case of reloads, the M45 has 2+1, 2 reloads plus the ammo in the gun on spawn.


Each Quad AA gun includes a primary and secondary trigger which allows you to have a sustained rate of fire if you play it smart. For example, each trigger associates two guns with it. So you can fire and expend your primary guns, and during that reload process, employ your secondary trigger / set of two guns to have a continuous fire. Just like you see on Naval destroyers and Troop Transport AA platforms.

Ammo types:

Both the FlaKvierling 38 and Polsten Quad 20mm are loaded up with HE only. The M45 is loaded with AP.


While both 20mm platforms have fewer rounds per magazine compared to the M45, they are both firing high explosive ammunition vs the M45 having nonexplosive armor piercing ammo. While the M45 lacks in comparison to the sheer brute force of the 20mm rounds, it makes up for this in its ability to penetrate. Along with every aircraft in the game, light armored vehicles and trucks will be fair game to these beasts.

Was this briefing productive?

  • Yes, I learned a lot and am more prepared.

  • No, I still have many questions.

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