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Matt "Xoom" Callahan

As announced at our most recent Rat Chat, the time has come for all WWII Online players to rise to the occasion and ensure that the game will continue to be player-driven. In accordance with that goal, we are planning to issue all premium players with the maximum player rank of Lt. Colonel a special subscription enabling the in-game High Command toolset. This will inject many veteran players and squads directly into the strategic component of WWII Online after many years and ensure we have players with operational tools online during all time zones. We also have plans to add Squad AOs. Please continue reading to fully understand how this came to be and the implementation plan.

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XOOMToday at 4PM server time (PST) the Campaign server will be brought offline for the release of WWII Online Version (readme). Aarschot and Tienen will need to be disabled due to uncapturable AB's (we're working on a hotfix for that later). This means that the new Campaign will start tomorrow with the update in it. Be sure to review the readme and get familiar with everything coming in this patch because it's a MONSTER update, loaded with new features and fixes. Once again, thanks for your patience while CRS has been working literally around the clock to get this to you.

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A crazy couple days here at RAT HQ as we have battled "wack a mole" with issues on the live server.  The campaign server has been degrading for the last few days despite our efforts to debug.  We see no other option but to scrap the rest of the campaign as we are unable to replicate the DB issues on our test server.  In effect, we need the live server game to keep testing and debugging..... So, since the Axis own 79% of the map and 3 of the 9 Allied factories we calling Campaign #167 an Axis WIN!  Follow this link for UPDATES


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