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OP: Rebel Empire 5/3-5/5/24

This weekend Operation "Rebel Empire" will unlock full access to WWII Online! Join us for an epic battle, with free access unlocked for everyone! There's no reason not to hop in and reconnect with squaddies and lay the smack down on the opposing side. We hear that XOOM will be running some paratrooper operations on both sides as well, keep an eye out for those and jump with a mass number of paras!


WHEN: May 5th at 12PM Server Time / GMT-8

WHERE: Campaign Server

DURATION: 3 hours

UNLOCKS: All-Access / No-Rank Weekend

Join us to participate and witness:

• Ground units assaulting across a Bailey Bridge

• Dogfights and level bombers dropping payloads

• Massed infantry assaults

• Tank columns storming through expansive terrain

• Scores of paratroopers dropping over the objective

• Artillery bombardment and smoke

All of the above are accompanied by the "soundtrack" of WWII Online's gunners firing anti-aircraft, light machine guns, and the whistling of artillery. Experience YOUR immersive "WWII Online Moment."

Every soldier is requested to RSVP right away. Doing so encourages more players to participate. Spread the word, let's go! Here is the Discord link to the event . . .

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