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Population Balance Mechanism(s)

Under my direction the Game Management team has re-enabled Spawn Delay to be less than 10 seconds (presently 2 seconds max as of this writing) because we found through internal testing that other game balancing tools such as persona screen delay was not functional, and dependent on spawn delay actually being enabled.

We re-enabled it as a live test to review certain functions and make sure we had accurate information and live data to work with. While this isn't how we always do things, sometimes these tools require us to be direct in nature like that.

Additionally, players on both sides have been requesting better feedback about who is overpopulated vs not? Re-adding spawn delay at this time provides baseline information beyond the persona screen to give you actionable feedback as to the imbalance situation.

Population balance in WWII Online is absolutely paramount, because we have a duty at all times - regardless of side - to raise a support flag for players logging into support the under dog. This improves the overall experience globally, and all settings related to game balance are in fact - global, meaning it does not favor one side vs the other (allegiance). It is only concerned with the population imbalance, the percentage of that swing, and so on.

We understand that this was not ideal to re-add in the middle of a campaign, however the total absence of some of these functions working and coming to that realization after testing made it clear that swift action was required in the name of a healthier WWII Online overall.

Going forward other changes on the persona screen delay should be anticipated, and we will keep the actual spawn delay as low as possible, and without it being something adjusted in the middle of a campaign unless there's some sort of clear emerging need as found on Tuesday January 23rd, 2024.

Your patience and grace is appreciated on this one, and both sides / all players will benefit from better feedback about imbalance. Thank you.


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