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New PPOs, several RDP updates, new FX added to bombs, free look activated while riding on a vehicle, and a whole lot of other new features and fixes. The RATS are taking in your feedback routinely and working for you to make WWII Online a better experience. Please read the entirety of the readme as there is a lot of good stuff going on. Of course, be sure to support continued efforts by subscribing at - this keeps us going (thank you).

World War II Online

Version - March 2022

This release brings in the long-awaited AI repair points. It also incorporates a few RDP Bombing-specific changes while also fixing bugs and adds a few more features.


  • Shockwave FX added to all bombs

  • The Air Raid Siren should trigger more often

  • Factory rebuild time has been updated from 48 hours to 72 hours when 100% damaged

  • The US RDP is now solely dependent on the UK factories

  • RDP penalties (slower resupply rates) against non-aircraft are now configurable (starting at up to 50%) instead of 100% slower

  • Whenever receiving an MIA past a configurable time, you will now receive a full RDP penalty

  • Mouse freelook automatically enabled for infantry while riding on a vehicle

  • Infantry are now visible up to 1,000m

  • Infantry level of detail distances have been updated for better graphics

  • Engineers can now deploy a Tank Pit PPO

  • Trucks can now deploy a Barrage Balloon PPO

  • The Credits have been updated

  • Players will now receive Mission Points whenever repairing AI

  • The Spawn Delay/balance mechanism check rate has been accelerated


  • Corrects an issue with the 3rd PanzerGruppe Decal

  • Whenever Kill Notifications are turned on, it will now notify the Killer

  • The Lorraine37L AC now takes fire damage to the crew and has other minor updates

  • Numerous minor updates to the UC / UCV

  • Numerous minor updates to the M3HT / M3GMC

  • A grass texture has been fixed

  • Fixed an issue with a tilted building in Berlaimont

  • The Mac launcher's "Show Readme" button is now fixed

  • Fixed a Mission Leader issue that could cause clients to CTD

  • FB infantry spawns have been updated to use new sandbag models and close gaps

  • Flak38 can now be spawned at the German FMS

  • Fixed a missing texture on the Flak38

S! Cornered Rat Software

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