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Introducing two new Roadmap deliveries 1) Junkers Ju-88A4 for the German Luftwaffe, 2) M1919A6 Light machine gun for the US Army & Airborne; and the return of the mighty "Dinant" Citadel (Fortress), easily see PPO descriptions on the HUD prior to placement, Side-channel being returned to default, and a new air raid siren. There are even more features, plus a slew of bug fixes - all coming to WWII Online tonight at 7 PM (PST) server time! Support the war effort to help us continue doing big things and subscribe now at

The Ju-88A4 joins WWII Online as its newest bomber!
Now available in WWII Online, the Ju-88A4 bomber for the Luftwaffe!
The New M1919A6 model for the US lightmachine gunner!
The US M1919A6 LMG, now in WWII Online!

World War II Online

Version - April 2022

The long-awaited Ju88a4 and M1919a6 LMG units have finally been added to the German and US forces. There have also been numerous terrain improvements that include both fixes and new additions. Finally, a bunch of bugs have been squashed in order to enhance gameplay.


  • The Ju88a4 is now added to the German Luftwaffe

  • The Americans will now get the M1919a6 LMG for regular infantry and paratroopers

  • RDP penalties (slower resupply rates) against aircraft are now configurable (starting at up to 100%)

  • The Side Radio Channel is now the default for new players instead of the Origin Channel

  • Steam DLC units are now hidden from non-Steam clients

  • Specific Mobile Spawn options are now added to the UI truck descriptions

  • Granny, the backend system that allows infantry to work, has been upgraded to 2.12 for both Win and Mac clients

  • PPO Names have been added to the Primary Weapon HUD window to inform players which PPO is currently selected

  • Players will now receive points for destroying PPOs

  • When a player requests ammo (.ammo) there will now be a Heads Up Display (HUD) Waypoint added so other players can easily see where the player in need of support is

  • De-Cochsdorp and Amsterdam airfields have been added

  • Barrage Balloons have been added to Amiens, Canterbury and Koln

  • New road tiles have been added around Aarschot and Avesnes

  • Oudenaard and Charleville have had their river banks updated around the bridges

  • New Burning barrel, Wind Sock, Buoys and a Jetty props have been added

  • Brussels airfield now has a storage bunker added to it

  • A quarry pit has been added to Liege

  • All railroad tracks have been lowered

  • New beach terrain has been added near Breskens

  • A Cafe and Bar have been added to a building in Dinant

  • The Dinant Citadel has returned to WWII Online

  • The German SC250 bomb has an updated 3D model

  • Added a new Air Raid Siren audio


  • The Crew Clipping issue for the Sd.Kfz. 251/10B has been fixed

  • Fixed an issue with flaps on dual engine planes

  • The Pak36's Suspension and Push Speed has been updated

  • An issue with the Matilda II and Matilda CS armor has been fixed

  • A bad texture on Freighters has been repaired

  • Broken tires on the Opels is now fixed

  • A visual issue with "dirty" textures on the Spawn Building has been fixed

  • Building textures have been fixed in Mechelen

  • Floating terrain near Schilde, Clervaux, Vervier and Aarschot has been corrected

  • Floating buildings in Hahn has been corrected

  • The Esch-Longwy Depot exit has been fixed

  • The spelling for the Bastogne Depot in Wiltz has been updated

  • The layout for the Wellin Power Station has been updated so infantry don't get stuck

  • Building layout in Roosendaal, Zandvilet, Luxembourg and Brugge has been updated to fix blocked doorways

  • A bad ground texture has been removed from Hallschlag

  • AI placement in Liege and Blizen have been updated

S! Cornered Rat Software

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