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As we have now launched Welcome Back Soldier (WBS) (which runs from 6/1 - 6/15) we're also releasing Version A New Dawn for Paratroopers themed patch tonight at 6PM Pacific Time, which includes the three new airborne classes, resupply canister, and three great 2022 Roadmap deliveries! Of those deliveries is the introduction of "Mobile Airfields" in WWII Online where players can deploy side-based airfield PPOs and friendly planes can land at and resupply their ammo, bombs, etc. Spread the word and let's get players in WWII Online for this WBS! Don't forget to get on voice comms and join us on Happy 21st anniversary to WWII Online (June 6th, 2022) and welcome back to our veteran players! Free Full access for all vets and free players, including Steam players - on our brand new east coast server (where 62% of players are reporting improved stability and ping times) - starts now!

World War II Online

Version - June 2022

Introducing three 2022 Roadmap deliveries (denoted in-line by * icon) and "A New Dawn for Paratroopers" items including three new classes and long-range resupply canister. Includes several other important fixes and features, made possible by our paid subscribers - thank you for supporting WWII Online. S!


  • The Fallen Soldier Memorial has been updated with KMS and Deadly2u

  • *Free to Play aircraft have been added, BF-109E/1, Hawk 75, Hurricane Mk 1 and all-new P-40B

  • *The Sd.Kfz 251/1 Half-track with two MG42s has been added to the German forces

  • *New Mobile Airfield PPO has been added, deployed by the new Supply Trucks

  • Parachute turn rate/speed increased for greater maneuverability

  • New Paratrooper canisters: Long range ammo canisters to resupply ground forces for Para NCOs

  • New Para NCO: SMG w/deployable ammo canister (Hero Builders Only)

  • New Para Combat Engineer: HE (x4) + Repair Kits (x2), able to be re-armed 50% by ammo cans in field

  • New Para RPATs: Bazooka, PIAT and Panzerschrek 

  • New Supply Trucks have been added to each country's spawn list

  • New crew member artwork introduced for the Trawler, Freighter, Fairmile, DD and Daimler

  • The first Open Area Capture models have been added to Etten-Leur, Leuven and Damvillers sheep farms

  • PPOs are now able to be Side or Country specific

  • Trench Mobile Spawns now have country flags inside of them

  • RPAT Ammo has been reduced from 4 rounds to 2

  • An update to infantry being hurt when jumping from higher than two stories has been re-added


  • The Ju87's tail damage state has been fixed

  • The Dinant Fortress damage state has been fixed

  • The Empel Rail Station has been repaired

  • The issue causing Mac clients to show the menu bar has been fixed

  • A few upside-down flags have been repaired

  • Re-introduced missing buildings in Frankfurt

  • The Lille Quarry is now fixed

Note: Wetteren "Bunker" is still broken but we're working on it - this town will continue to be neutral during the campaign until a solution is released.

S! Cornered Rat Software

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